Nine hours ‘ Drill every day. After the run through the Woods and a barren Breakfast with the young men crawl through the mud holes, the combat knife in his fist. Again and again, pull-UPS and pushups in the Dirt. Some of the recruits, groaning and swearing loudly – in German, Polish and Finnish. In between, a glass of tea, hastily smoked cigarettes. Such scenes filmed one of the participants.

The trainers of the young men, formerly the leader of a Russian special unit to combat Chechen rebels, shouting loud commands. Next stop is the shooting range – a little later the AK-47 los pelting, assault rifles of the type Kalashnikov. The day of the training camp “Partizan”, strictly cordoned off and guarded in the East of the Russian million city of St. Petersburg, ends with boxes and Exercises in a knife fight.

neo-Nazis can be “the final battle” loops

“Partizan” – the eight letters stand for greatest hardships. Not for soldiers, but for the extreme Right. In the Russian Camp of neo-Nazis from all over Europe loops. “The final battle”, as you call it.

The secret warehouse is, since 2014, point of attraction for the ultra-right scene. It is operated by the extreme right-wing “Russian Imperial movement”. The organization wants to secure the “supremacy of the white race” – by military means, according to Nathan Alexander Sales, the highest anti-terrorism coordinator of the US government, know.

“Partizan” is for the neo-Nazis, what PLO Camps were in the 70s for the murderous terrorist organization RAF. Be dangerous the Nazis similar? In any case, radical ideology by force of arms is paired and is a dangerous Cocktail for democratic societies.

most of The Germans there come from Sachsen

Also, Germans are among those who learn in St. Petersburg, your terrorist craft. Of all places in the city – until 1991 it was called Leningrad, which was under siege from September 1941 to January 1944 by the German Wehrmacht. More than a Million Russian civilians were killed or starved to death.

most of The German young partisans, possibly grandchildren of soldiers of Hitler’s army group North, came in the last years of the free state of Saxony: from Riesa, Plauen and Chemnitz. Some of them are members of the young nationalists (JN), the youth organization of the extreme right-wing NPD.

Close relations between Russia and the German Right

For years, Russia maintains rights scene has close Links to Germany and builds a tight network of Connections in the whole of Europe. So a delegation of the Russian racists took in mid-may, 2018, at the invitation of the JN at the 3. The Congress of Europe in the Saxon town of Riesa part. The protection of the Constitution counted in the two-day event, nearly 500 participants, the fascist ideas intoxicated – including comrades from Serbia, Poland and Spain. Meeting place the site of the battle sheet “German voice”.

US agents to spy on the Camp “Partizan”, also want to have members of a German group for guerrilla training in St. Petersburg is located. The secret service notes indicate the extreme right-wing party “The third way”, in particular, probably similar to the third Reich. 2013 by a former NPD functionary, founded in, is the team from Plauen with 500 members under observation by the constitutional protection.

Trained “The third way” in Russia?

Sebastian Willnow/zb/dpa participants of a right-wing buildup of the party “The third way” in may of 2019, in the Saxon town of Plauen. At the recent Corona-demonstrations mixed “The third way” binding with: The German people were ready for civil disobedience. In German cities Germans, who wanted to conclude with the System, sounded “The third way would be”. Propaganda in the spirit of Russia.

The protection of the Constitution is informed about the Goings-on of the neo-Nazis in the Empire of Vladimir Putin – through partner services, such as the American CIA. However, the Constitution guards were hardly active. Supposedly, there are legal as well as no possibilities of travelling to training camps such as the “Partizan” in St. Petersburg to stop.

United States put the group on the terrorist list,

it is Unclear how large the support of Putin for such a training camp is. “Of course, Russia’s President is aware of these facilities,” says a senior official of the Federal government. “If he supports you financially, we do not know. At least he tolerates you.“

on Several occasions German had spoken with the Liaison officers of the Russian domestic secret service FSB on the training camp for Sabotage. “They have listened to the. Nothing happened but,“ the German Constitution, the guards sober.

The US strike against the neo-Nazis significantly harder sounds. “The ‘Russian Imperial movement’, the blood has criticised the Innocent on their hands”, for example, anti-terrorism coordinator, Sales two months ago in Washington. Are meant for men, the support to the paramilitary training camp “Partizan” Putin militias in Eastern Ukraine.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, previously Director of the secret service, the CIA, holds the group and its comrades-in-arms is extremely dangerous. On 6. April he continued the “Russian Imperial movement”, the dreams of the reign of a new authoritarian Empire, and a slightly modified swastika in their writings; and on the U.S. list of global terrorist groups. It is thus on a par with Islamist terrorist groups such as Hamas – and is monitored accordingly sharp.

Russian Ex-lead officers Training

At the time of their recruitment of young people in Germany to help the Russian right-wing extremists, the old structures from the GDR-time. After the turn, there were still tens of thousands of Russian soldiers in Eastern Germany. They trained in newly established private sports schools of Russian martial arts. It is In these clubs, the first contacts today often.

In the sports schools, for example, offered the close combat techniques of Systema and Sambo, sometimes taught by Ex-officers of the Russian military intelligence service GRU. Elite units of the Russian army to train punches and kicks from the Systema Book, Sambo is a fast-paced mix of wrestling and Judo. Also “The third way”, in particular, the working group “body and mind”, estimates that the bone-crushing system.

blows to Kill

In the training program of the “Partizan” take both martial arts systems, a large amount of space. Be informed, however, not the most sporting, but the military side. In the partisan training you learn, with which a blow on the larynx, a potential opponent to kill. Dangerous neck lever, in the Competition is prohibited, are also part of the program.

In the history of the mythical port city of St. Petersburg, there are no signs for the training camp. German nationalists, and other interested parties are usually picked up at the train station. The top of the Empire movement has a Tarnadresse at Ulitsa Drezdenskaya – officially a company for transportation, real estate and building materials is found here.

Swedish bombers were previously in the Camp “Partizan”

By two terrorist attacks in Göteborg in the year 2016, the protection of the Constitution and the Federal intelligence service received the first indications that German neo-Nazis to train in a Russian training camp.

The two Swedes Anton Thulin, 26, and Viktor Melin, 23, had committed after returning from the Petersburg bearing explosive attacks on facilities for asylum seekers. The Swedish secret service, Säpo was able to prove that both accused extremists had stayed eleven days in the Camp “Partizan”. They received prison sentences of eight and a half and one and a half years.

For a process detail, which was then in any newspaper, the Federal Republican news services especially grateful. After the end of the extensive evidence chamber, Prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist noted that German Nazis were in the Camp “Partizan”.

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