The pressure is building on the deputy of Teruel Exists whose vote is decisive in the investiture of Pedro Sanchez. Thomas Guitarte still receive messages urging him to thwart the vote of the socialist candidate. They have also appeared new painted against it. This Monday, the inbox of your e-mail account of the Congress, it accumulated up to 8,800 emails that were demanding that you change your yes to Sanchez by a not, which would cause a draw that would decay the endowment. More than 5,000 had arrived just after twelve in the morning, explains a spokesperson of the citizen movement. The training is investigating the comments received on his page Facebook, that seem to come from robots, and that repeatedly published attacks and insults by the “betrayal” of Spain that you will commit to supporting the candidate of the PSOE. The deputy, however, has decided not to move his vote, as he explained on Sunday to THE COUNTRY.


The deputy of Teruel Exists: “there is no possibility of changing my vote on Tuesday,” BNG, PRC and Teruel Exists to intensify their demands to the PSOE before the final negotiations with CKD Teruel refuses to die of success

Guitarte has decided to unplug this Monday by complete escape from the pressures, and the Tuesday will arrive at the Congress directly to enter the chamber, without granting prior to interviews or to be entertained. The goal is to avoid more noise about a vote that placed him in the eye of the hurricane. Has your endowment in your hands: the socialist candidate has secured 167 ayes —among them the ” Teruel Exists— compared to 165 noes. If the deputy teruel change the not, the result would be a draw to 166 and the investiture would crater. Wondered where it has gone Guitarte the last few hours, a spokesman of Teruel Exists has responded that he did not reveal that information for safety. “Teruel Exists condemns and rejects the pressures undemocratic. Attack and have no idea of the dramatic situation of our province and of Spain, emptied, never we have imported and that’s why now we decide our future,” said a brief statement released by the group of voters, which has achieved representation for the first time in the Congress to denounce the problems of Spain depopulated.

That the vote on Tuesday will choose, except surprise, Pedro Sánchez as president to be the race of the democratic period has recently led to the feeling that the majority is fragile and could break easily. And an unprecedented phenomenon: a wave of pressure directed to the deputies of the block of the yes to change their vote. Not only focuses on the deputy of Teruel Exists, it is also directed against the parliamentarians of the PSOE, which have been reported to be also receiving hundreds of emails and messages that are insulted by supporting the leader of his party.

Despite the pressures, there is nothing to indicate that this Tuesday will be any surprises. The PSOE does not expect problems, and sources of Teruel Exists emphasize that its decision is bomb-proof. “The focus on us because they believe that by being a citizen movement we are more fragile, but it is the other way around. It is extremely difficult that a group of citizens arrive at the Congress. We have not come to make a political career, but to solve the problems of Spain emptied. We are incomprables,” emphasises a spokesman.