The announcement had surprised more than one. At the end of the month of may, Jean-Marie Bigard, a figure well-known to the French, had hinted that he would be interested in a candidacy for the next presidential election. A statement widely publicized in the media. A survey of opinion of the Ifop for the weekly Current Values concluded the same that 13 % of the French would be ready to vote Bigard in the case of a bid in 2022. But today, now is not the time to dream of living elysian for the humorist. This is what he confides in an interview published in the new edition of Society and relayed by 20 Minutes, Sunday, June 14.

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“I know of nothing in politics. I never really wanted to do”, balance without visiting Jean-Marie Bigard. According to him, “[he] will make[t] déchiquer [if it] went[t] on the ground”. “I prefer to scream in the forum”, he admits. The comedian looks just the same to keep this possible new career, in a corner of the head. He says, therefore, let it “heat up the pressure cooker on a gentle heat”, a story of discovering how many people would be actually willing to follow him in the adventure if it decided to launch it for real. “But for now this is not to the taste of the day,” he insists, still in remarks relayed by 20 Minutes.

A “guy who represents the people a little angry,”

Why have you mentioned this idea of application ? Jean-Marie Bigard is said to be on the side of the people. According to his words to the BFMTV, the end of may, such a project could “help the people to have a voice sincere not be a member of any political party”. And in this framework, it was thus stated : the Elysée, “it could tempt me”. The actor had also made a video, watched millions of times on YouTube, in which he spoke directly to Emmanuel Macron, in particular on the question of the reopening of the bars and restaurants after the confinement.

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A video which had earned him a call from the head of State, call that he had commented on BFMTV : “When a guy represents the people, the people a little bit angry, well it is called (…) As [Emmanuel Macron] has a little trouble to speak directly to the people, it is addressed to me, and by me, in fact, he addresses the people.” If it had been confirmed, the candidature of Jean-Marie Bigard would not have been unique. In 1980, another great comedian, well known and appreciated by the French, Coluche, had announced to begin in the battle of the presidential election of 1981. It was, however, abandoned a few months before the election, after all the same reached 10 % of voting intentions.

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