Every man for himself? The European Union has made painful experiences in the Corona-crisis. This is not to repeat itself, call for six member States.

Brussels (dpa) – As a lesson from the Corona-crisis-Germany and five other EU States are calling for a better preparation of the European Union for the next pandemic.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) sought, together with France, Poland, Belgium, Denmark and Spain, in a letter to EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen. Their spokesman, Eric Mamer, welcomed the initiative on Wednesday. Many of the points you have picked up already.

especially at the beginning of the Corona pandemic had divided the 27 States of the EU, national alone. As protective clothing became scarce, resulted in Germany and other countries with export restrictions to be in big Trouble. Also medicines have been exacerbated bottlenecks due to the crisis, because many of the ingredients come from Asia. In the EU countries collected health data were hardly comparable.

Here is the six-group calls in a five-page paper counter-measures. “The current situation has raised questions about the preparedness of Europe against pandemics and the need for a common approach emphasised,” it States. It is proposed, among other things, the exchange of comparable health data and the strengthening of the European epidemic authority ECDC.

The required quantities of protective clothing and important drugs, which means then jointly procures and supplies applied should be recorded. The role of the existing European civil protection mechanism should be checked. Furthermore, the States encourage massive investment in research for the joint development of vaccines. Overall, the production of major goods will be strengthened in Europe.

The European Commission has already responded to some of the abuses and, for example, the joint purchase of protective clothing started. In the Commission’s proposal for a program of reconstruction of 9.4 billion euros are earmarked for strengthening of the European health systems. Thus, the EU would get a greater role in health policy, where she has hardly any skills.

From the Leyens spokesman said the Commission had been involved in the preparation of the submitted paper. “Of course we share its analysis and ideas.” For better Pension provision, further measures were necessary. To hope for restraint of the EU countries. Next week, the Commission will present their vaccination strategy. This is to ensure that vaccines to citizens quickly and in a sufficient quantity for all of the EU is available.