These images from the anti-racism demonstrations have impressed me. 15,000 to the Alexanderplatz in Berlin, 20,000 in Düsseldorf, even 25,000 in Munich, and 150,000 in total, over the past weekend in Germany. And almost all of them illegal! Corona? Forget. Almost in any case.

Somehow it seemed almost a little humorless, that the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn of the Christian democratic party and the talk show virologist Karl Lauterbach, insisted on the pandemic-distance rules. The protesters continued, however, to anti-racism first – decency instead of distance. They have gone through. This in Berlin would happen – it was a gift. We all know that. About the author: Ulrich Reitz

Ulrich Reitz worked as a correspondent in the world, was in the starting team of FOCUS, which he led, and was a total of 17 years as editor-in-chief of the two largest German regional newspaper “WAZ” and “Rheinische Post”. He deals with the societal consequences of digitalization, the cultural foundations of Germany and the Performance of its elites in politics and the economy. Reitz sees itself as economically ordoliberal and politically conservative. He appreciates the well-maintained controversy.

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But Munich? I’m curious to see what happens now: when is the first Bundesliga club to the idea of his soccer game as an anti-racism Demo login? Zack, you would see the stadiums full again. The Greek around the corner is, as far as we know, is also a very staunch anti-racist. But its sales could be better. With a “black lives matter”sign between the rows of seats to be a Problem we could maybe do it would be to have a try.

dealer can’t rely on politically correct decency

you can find the now cynical? You should, for once, those small traders questions, the need to pay hefty penalties if you fail to ensure the rules of the distance. Can’t rely on some politically correct decorum. Similarly, as the many operators of Fitness Studios are now fighting with the threat of Bankruptcy due to Corona.

And what of the friends who would like to celebrate once again, together, to a analogue Party-to address instead of just for Zoom digital. Not to mention the parents, who would probably send back their children to schools and day-care centres.

What are the protesters actually say close, you should trigger the “second wave” Covid-19, in front of all are afraid? The racism was to blame? Or Donald Trump? Or about the police, they are suddenly caught in the crosshairs of protesters, using the Hashtag #police violence, mass imprisonment in the so-called social media?

So exactly what we don’t understand, against what has been demonstrated. Against Trump because of a police officer killed a Black Floyd? Or was it the most to something else – a “systemic racism” in Germany, according to the Anne Will yesterday asked the evening your guests? Or a German police of widespread racism? Appropriate allegations, they are found easily on the Internet, now the round.

the filter bubble: It created the impression that the police were not violent per se

It works like this: With the help of the Hashtags #police violence, like to regionalised or localised (#police violence.NRW) creates a platform in the network. Before the Hashtag, it represents one of the subjective video, the protesters from police Intervention situations, in the meantime, thousands of create. When you look at a Video, gets from the search engine providers, the Next in the series of #police violence offered. With this method, a so – called filter bubble creates the impression that the police is inherently violent and racist. Reuters/Aaron Chown/PA Wire/Reuters police officers to run in a protest against racism and police violence in London on protesters.

on The web you can easily find a number of Smartphone Videos, in which people of color claim to be victims of police violence during the operations become. Some went viral and reach several thousand spectators. The German police is advised, as there would be little difference to the racist American police officers, in the visor. A popular allegation is that they engaged in “racial profiling”, find so according to ethnic principles, which is forbidden in Germany.

For example, in raids against Clan-Criminal, in Berlin or North Rhine-Westphalia, the strongholds of the Lebanese Clans. This is not different than racism. It is now, but by no means so that this accusation would raise any Krawelleros from the left-Autonomous scene, so people who talk anyway are preferably of the “bull pigs”. Sometimes, too, do journalists.

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raids against Clan-Criminal racism cease to exist?

“These raids, where you go specifically to migrants, and everything looks foreign, is a sign of how deep the racism lies.” Journalist Heribert Prantl, for years, opinion in-chief of the süddeutsche Zeitung, said, now, in the Germany radio culture. Raids against Clan-Criminals to be racism? This brings us to the just-adopted Anti-discrimination act of Berlin, to the invention of the Green. This work provides that police officers against whom the allegation of racial discrimination is charged, you do not need to prove that this is the case.

we Say it this way: Would we as a Clan Criminal, we would be happy about this law already. The Federal Minister of the interior called it “insane”, what you have not heard of a guardian of the Constitution, already long a law. Anyway, the police are calling for trade unions in the German States, in Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-send-Westphalia, just loudly out of their countries, no more police officers to Berlin for help. Actually, you can’t do that, the police forces in the countries.

unless, the police officers just need urgently self. The well-to-do. We would certainly not send our police officers to missions to Berlin, after all, we were in danger, to send friends and helpers, and to get racist back. This provides then for problems, if this is such a stigmatised officials would have to quit because of Corona perhaps the next anti-racism Demo.

Berlin-based Anti-discrimination law: reversal of the burden of proof for police officers

The Berlin-based Anti-discrimination law means for police officers, which someone who is determined, against the racism accusations, there is a reversal of the burden of proof. It is strange that the red-red-green Senate is not forfeited in Berlin on the idea, the burden of proof for a Clan Criminal to repent.

To be clear: There have been sure police officers who make mistakes. Against the must be hard, after all, they have the monopoly on violence and must be exalted therefore beyond any doubt.

But it is wrong that police officers should demonstrate that they are not racists, the blood of young Clan members but do not have to prove where the money for a luxury Mercedes comes. In Berlin, the question of the origin of the vehicle falls from now on under racist suspicion. “You’re a bastard!”: Passers-by to berate anglers to giant fishing bad FOCUS Online/Wochit “You’re a bastard!”: Passers-by to berate anglers to giant-fishing evil