The murder of Walter Lübcke (CDU), caused nationwide horror. Now the process against the suspects, Stephan E., under strict security arrangements begins.

At the higher regional court in Frankfurt starts this Tuesday (16. June) the process in the murder of Walter Lübcke . The former President of the government of Kassel was killed in June 2019 by a shot to the head. The main defendants Stephan E. is accused of a right-extremist scene. Also, because of the Corona-pandemic , strict safety precautions apply to the court.

Update 16. June, 16.34 Uh r : The process in murder of Walter Lübcke has experienced a for the in addition to plaintiff “difficult tolerable” kick-off. The defender Stephan E. requested shortly after the beginning of the hearing to suspend. In addition, they presented a challenge for bias against the presiding judge.

attorney Frank Hannig justified the request for the suspension of the negotiations, among other things, that the health protection because of the Corona-pandemic is not guaranteed and the Public access to the process is severely limited. “The beginning of the main hearing is Lübcke for the family hard to bear,” says co-plaintiff lawyer Holger Matt, in relation to the various applications. The lawyer for the family Lübcke holds all of the desire, is unfounded. To request the suspension of the proceedings due to “excessive demands of the defense” for his clients is hard to bear.

Picked was on Tuesday, the charge of the office of the attorney General . Stephan had made up his Plan, at the latest, after the heavy attack in the French nice, as well as the events in Cologne around the turn of the year 2015/2016, said Federal Prosecutor Dieter Killmer. He had made Lübcke partly responsible. E. suspension of a against the representatives of the Federal Republic of Germany addressed to “völkisch-nationalist attitude” and I want to put up with the murder of a “publicly acclaimed stand against the public order”, stated the representative of the office of the attorney General more.

trial begins in the murder case, Lübcke: family expects a comprehensive explanation of the fact

Update 16. June, 10.09 PM : Lübckes family is expecting from the process, a comprehensive education of the fact. Prior to its beginning (see first message) said her attorney, Holger Matt at the higher regional court in Frankfurt am Main: “We will provide with all the possibilities that are available to us as a by-plaintiff, our contribution to the elucidation of the crime”, and added: “I believe it is a cold-bloodedly planned, insidious, foul, cowardly murder is a crime of the most sinister of motives.”

+ the trial in the murder case, Lübcke: A SEC officer secures the entrance of civilian vehicles in the court building.©dpa / Arne Dedert

Already hours before the start of the process long lines queue formed. Because of the Corona-pandemic and therefore applicable spacing rules, the court may only offer a limited number of places for spectators and journalists in the courtroom. The court had refused for security reasons, to seek a larger hearing room outside the court of appeal.

the process in the case of the murder of Walter Lübcke begins – a state of emergency due to Corona-pandemic

first message from the 16. June : Frankfurt/ Kassel – The process in the murder case of the Kassel government of President Walter Lübcke (CDU) starts this Tuesday expected to be 10 o’clock at the Frankfurt higher regional court (OLG). For the murder of Lübcke will have to answer two of the men before the court of appeal: The 46-year-old Stephan E., Kassel, is accused of the CDU politician a year ago on the terrace shot.

In the preparation of the deed to him, the 44-year-old Markus H. supported. He is accused of, therefore, because of aid to murder. The beginning of the trial before the state security Senate will be held under high security measures. In addition strong> Corona*pandemic is due to <the number of spectators greatly limited.

Lübcke-murder: office of the attorney General provides for a right extremist motive

Into the night 2. June 2019 had been killed the then-65-year-old Lübcke with a shot to the head . The office of the attorney General provides for a right extremist scene. Lübcke, had spoken out in 2015, for the reception of refugees and had become a hate figure to the extreme Right. The CDU politician was before his death, victims of hate and incitement in the net , even after the fact, rights to the enemy made him.

In the case of the defendant E. the Federal government provides advocacy for a “racism and xenophobia* worn völkisch-nationalist attitude ” as a motive. After his arrest the 46-Year-old a confession from , he called later . E. it is also alleged an attack on an Iraqi asylum seeker in January 2016. The victim was injured in a knife attack from the rear considerably.

As a co-plaintiff, the wife, and two sons of the Murdered will participate in the process. The speaker and the attorney for the family Lübcke want to provide, prior to the start of the process to comment. Many other process dates until October terminated .

Lübcke-murder: Because Corona only a limited number of journalists

admitted To the public interest . For the reporting of more than 200 journalists from 70 domestic and foreign media at the higher regional court of accredit settled.

Due to the Corona-pandemic is the space in the courtroom, however, strongly limited . Apply it in the auditorium and on the press stand stands 1.5 meters minimum, the Wearing of the mouth-nose-coverings is also required. While on the press room for 60 media tribune is normally representative may take under the Corona conditions, only 19 journalists there. 41 further, there is a sound in another room. In the auditorium 18, visitors will find the place.

the beginning of The trial is expected to be from demonstrations accompanied. Among other things, the North-Hessian Initiative have announced “Open to diversity” and “Interventionist Left Frankfurt” . While the Kassel Initiative admission for democratic values, are calling for the left-wing activists “a comprehensive education that sets out rights networks open and all the Connections to the protection of the Constitution and NSU reveals”.


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