Guest may 28, on France Info, Marlène Schiappa, the secretary of State for Equality between women and men, still had his confidence and his optimism, welcoming the fact that Agnès Buzyn has finally resumed his campaign for the second round of municipal in Paris, after a long hesitation. “It is positive “, greeted her, ” out of respect for these activists and for those people who have worked to present their project, it is important that it be able to submit this draft to the vote in each district “. This is the about public. Because on the inner loop of the list of The Republic in market in the 14th arrondissement, it’s a whole different tone.

Friday, Marlène Schiappa, number two of the list macroniste taken by the IDU Eric Azière, has posted instructions where it does not conceal anything from the bottom of his thought. “Doesn’t anyone think that Agnès Buzyn will be elected as the mayor of Paris,” begins in this message very cash that we have purchased, thereby contradicting Agnès Buzyn, who stated on June 2 in Paris : “I go there to win. “”Therefore,” continues the same Schiappa, I am not to lie to people and say vote Buzyn to be mayor of Paris, but to be very honest about the issues. We will, without a doubt one elected. Eric (Azière, editor’s NOTE). Or, rather, between zero and one. “The head of the list of the macronie to Paris will enjoy. Contacted, the team Schiappa assumes.

Go to tow at porte de Vanves is wanting to sell AirPods to the deaf. Let’s go to the evidence, the district does NOT vote (sic) for us.

it is clear that LREM has little chance of winning the 14th arrondissement, regarded as one of the “swing-states” of the municipal elections, acquired since 2001 to the left, led by the mayor (ex-PS) outbound Carine Petit. During the first round of 15 march, the list macroniste arrived in third position with 15,67 % of the vote, behind the list Hidalgo (32,85 %), and the list Dati (20,44 %), not to mention the 12,09 % of Cédric Villani. Which has just announced that he was an independent candidate for the second round. Far, very far of 32,42 % of LREM to the european 2019 in the borough.

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therefore, Marlène Schiappa considers that there is no more time or energy to waste it here in the second round. The neighborhoods to the south of the borough ? The trouble of bothering to beat campaign. “I think it’s important not to lose a minute on the districts that don’t vote for us,” she wrote, before explaining one cannot more clearly his thought : “Go tow porte de Vanves is wanting to sell AirPods (earphones of the Apple brand, editor’s NOTE) to the deaf. Let’s go to the evidence, the district does NOT vote (sic) for us. This is counter-productive to campaign there. “

The “helpers” of the “start-up Nation” are so quickly invited to deploy in the neighborhoods considered Macron-compatible the 14th arrondissement, to “secure our base” and ensure that it does not vote Villani, ” who changed his mind and was ready to deal with Anne Hidalgo “. “Therefore, it is very simple, bootable (sic) in these neighborhoods, phoning back on the Walkers to leave their homes on June 28, and going to vote. We are not going to in two weeks to set up a new program “, ends, before concluding on this tirade that will go right to the heart of the minds of the campaign LREM in Paris : “We spent too much time preparing proposals that no one has ever heard. “

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