in The future, Markus Söder, and a possible candidacy as a successor to Angela Merkel expressed a CSU-member with a clear piece of advice.

Chancellor-question in the Union: A survey, according to the German have a new request candidate. the Markus Söder has won with his Corona-crisis management a lot of sympathy points. The CSU-in-chief, in succession to Chancellor Angela Merkel ? A CSU-member commented now with a clear piece of advice for the future of the Minister-President of Bavaria.

Update 22. May 2020, 21.54 p.m.: Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz holds the Minister-President of Bavaria, and CSU leader Markus Söder is also suitable for higher tasks. “I have confidence in Markus Söder,” said Short on Friday night in the talk format “live”. He stressed at the same time: “the question of who should be head of the CDU, who will be the next German Chancellor, I interfere. Since you will receive no statement.“ He is working with both German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) with Söder good. Short also a guest speaker at the Internet conference, the CSU was on Friday evening.

Chancellor-the question of Markus Söder Merkel successor? Party colleague is clear: “My recommendation…”

Update, 19. In may, 18.50 PM: Delivers Markus Söder successor , German Chancellor Angela Merkel to? In the Corona-crisis, the CSU-Chef was able to gather so far, many sympathy points (see below). The former CSU Chairman Edmund Stoiber has not advised the Minister-President of Bavaria now, however, of a Chancellor candidacy. “My recommendation remains the same: to keep This country Bayern is now stable, to keep it in place, and to occur prior to the Bayern in the next state election,” said Stoiber.

Recently had been repeatedly speculated about a possible candidacy Söders , whose popularity ratings since the start of the Corona-crisis have risen sharply. Söder had stressed, however, that his place in Bayern is.

Stoiber also had honorable words for Söder , and its Occurrence in the crisis. The Prime Minister played currently an important role. And that “the most precise and probably the most prudent Markus Söder “, can be used as recognition for his way, policy to.

Chancellor question in the Union: the Germans have the message clear candidate for Merkel successor


Berlin – to Be Corona-crisis management Markus Söder * a survey given High. Of the possible Chancellor candidate of the Union of the CSU-Chef in the meantime, by far the largest support of the population. According to a survey by the opinion research Institute YouGov on behalf of the German press Agency, 27 percent of the respondents wish for that the Bavarian Prime Minister to the departure at the next election to the Bundestag for the succession of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) .

lag Far behind the former Bundestag group chief Friedrich Merz with twelve and the North Rhine-lie-Westphalian Prime Minister, Armin Laschet with eight percent . Minister of health of Jens Spahn . come on seven percent , and the foreign politicians, Norbert Röttgen , only on three percent 43 percent of respondents did not provide any information.

Corona-crisis management brought Söder survey-High – a few weeks ago the situation was very different from

Before the start of the Corona-crisis in Germany at the end of February had looked quite different. At that time, Merz was the number one of 18 percent approval Söder with twelve and Röttgen with eleven percent . Behind Laschet with nine and Spahn with seven percent followed .

The health Minister was not unlike Söder of his crisis management in the Corona of a crisis benefit is obvious. The biggest loser is Röttgen, who has resigned since the outbreak of the crisis, hardly in appearance.

Markus Söder: he Has the stuff to be Chancellor? You vote

Chancellor-the question of the Union: “My place is, and remains, in Bayern”

Söder has stated on many occasions, that he is not aiming for the candidacy . “The question is how to do it in the next year, plays no role at all for me. In addition, we have a strong Chancellor, supported by Bavaria. the My place is, and remains, in Bayern , “ he said in a Thursday Interview published in the German press-Agency. “In my opinion, at the Moment, no entertainment and style questions or reading surveys. The only values that interest me are the numbers every day, the new Infection.“

retention Of Söder, the man who recently set a record by Edmund Stoiber, is among the constituents of CDU and CSU with 38% is particularly large. For Merz 15 percent for Laschet 14 in this group for Spahn six and Röttgen three percent .

+ survey to the Chancellor question in the case of the Union: Markus Söder (l.), to succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel.©AFP / JOHN MACDOUGALL

The CDU has a rule, the first access to the candidacy of the Union. There was, however, with Franz Josef Strauss (1980) and Edmund Stoiber (2002) also two of the CSU-candidate for Chancellor, who lost both the election.

Chancellor question in the Union Makes more Merkel yet?

In the Wake of the Corona-crisis* the desire that Merkel is still a further term Chancellor is growing, however. the 30 percent of the respondents in the YouGov poll, that they were obliged also to 16 years of government in once again. 53 percent are opposed, and 17 percent offered no information.

at the end of February, only 21 percent want Merkel to power, 64 percent rejected the. The 65-Year-old had announced with your withdrawal from the CDU presidency in October 2018 , that stands for a further term of office in the Chancellery.

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