Afro-German initiatives had called in about 20 cities to the protests under the slogan “Silent Demo”. In Berlin, 15,000 people gathered close to the Alexanderplatz. At the Munich Royal square, the police counted 25,000 demonstrators – were enrolled 200 people.

“We have constantly made announcements on the compliance with the spacing rules which were not complied with at first,” said a police spokesman. The Assembly site was finally expanded to create more space. Next to the Royal square, then I may also be on the neighbouring Karolinenplatz demonstrated. Peter Kneffel/dpa At the Munich Royal square gathered to hold 25,000 people.

“distance, wear a mask”

In Hamburg, the police say that 14,000 participants in two almost at the same time demonstrations were permitted because of the corona measures only about 800, what was the police in front of problems. Because of the large amount of demonstrators, the police informed the Chairman that the exemptions were withdrawn, a spokeswoman said. The protesters had remained, it would behave peacefully and cooperatively, so that for reasons of proportionality and infection protection by the police a resolution was waived.

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) has been shown in the light of the images of the demonstrations of understanding, but concerned. “The fight against racism needs our joint commitment. Every day,“ said Spahn on Saturday evening on Twitter. “But densely Packed crowds of people to get in the middle of the pandemic to me.” Also in the case of the major concerns of the applicable holding: “distance, everyday a mask to wear, to look after one another. In order to protect ourselves and others.“

Many police agencies, for example in Frankfurt, pointed out that the participants had tried through the Wearing of masks and distance regulations to minimize the risk. The crowd was often very large.

CSU interior Minister is in favour of racism-Demos

Also, the Bavarian interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU), stressed that the demonstrations in Bavaria for more than 90 percent of the participants had a mouth-nose protection is worn. At the same time, he warned, the safety distance in such rallies in future, better to comply with.

a Total of Herrmann in favour of the demonstrations against racism and police violence. “We are just in the appearance of our police, far from such excesses as in some American cities. But in Germany, too, there are always racist on the loose,“ said the CSU politician of the Newspapers of the Funke media group (Monday edition). “Therefore, we need to lead a permanent social dialogue.” Britta Pedersen/dpa-Central picture/dpa, Many of the Demo attendees wore masks – some invited, but not

The Berlin health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) to be more responsible. “In the pandemic to both the organizers as well as Participants have a high level of responsibility,” said Kalayci, the German press Agency. “You can also demonstrate with distance and the mouth-nose cover wear. We have been able to reduce the new infections to a low level. This does not mean, however, that the pandemic is over.“

“This must have consequences,”

Other politicians are calling again for tougher action from the police against the demonstrations. The authorities did pay “to legal requirements with regard to participants and Hygiene – and-distance rules”, – said the Deputy head of the Faction of CDU/CSU, Thorsten Frei, the “world”. “These are systematically ignored, the consequences.” The dangers of Corona pandemic were real, so Free. “You are not going to disappear because a Demonstration has a certain size or the objective pursued is especially noble.”

Even the SPD-inside politician Lars Castellucci called for, the safety rules, enforce them consistently. “I have great sympathy for all who go against racism on the street, but it must also apply here: keep your distance and wear a mask,” said Castellucci, the “world”. “We must continue to take care of each other, to protect especially the most Vulnerable.” Christian Charisius/dpa close together, protesters are pushed to the Hamburg town hall market

the Outside is better than inside

Helpful in the fight against the pandemic, Outdoor events, in no case are large. But how dangerous they are, is not explored in conclusion. In science there is a Consensus that large-scale events in enclosed spaces and no movement is particularly dangerous because the Virus is in the air (called aerosols) are particularly easy to spread. At large Outdoor events, a lot depends on how the spacing rules are observed whether the participants wear masks, and whether you stand still or move.

With the demonstrations want to show the world their solidarity with the protests in the USA after Floyd’s death. The 46-Year-old was on 25. May, in Minneapolis, during a police operation have been killed. A white COP squeezed Floyd at the time of his arrest minutes long, the knee on the back of the neck, even though he said repeatedly that he is getting no more air. At the same time, the protests relate to the world in part on similar cases of racism or police violence in the respective countries.

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