Chancellor does not want to be Markus Söder officially. But a new survey with a view to the currently most probable coalition supports him and hits the CDU-sizes.

The Corona*crisis seems to be a test run for the Union to become a candidate for Chancellor. As the winner appears to be with Markus Coronavirus, and Covid-19: What is it? The excitation and the Krankheitein politician who has officially no ambitions to the office. A new survey cemented this impression. Söder would apparently be the gefragsteste candidate for the currently most likely coalition.

Munich/Berlin – a few months ago Markus Söder and CSU were. still damn close to the “dark side” of Power The formulated Söder and party General Markus flower least himself or so. Was meant for the AfD in the course of the party. Now, the CSU could get-in-chief on the “green side of the force”. The Chance would be there, as a recent survey suggests. Even if Söder, the Green dismissed like a “fair-weather party”.

The Tuesday (30. June) published survey on behalf of the mirror shows amazing appreciation of the Green voters for the last strong ecological-focussed Minister-President of Bavaria*. Add to this: if you Believe the Civey survey, then Söder is close to materialize its potential competitors in the race for the Union candidacy-not really powder. At least, when it comes to the presidency of a black-green coalition.

survey: Green-voters, the majority of open to a coalition with the Union

known: For the majority of Green voters would be a black-green coalition after years of black-and-red alliances is a welcome Option. More than 60 percent of the respondents are supporters of the green party expressed consent.

Bigger problems to convey the coalition could have the Union . Their voters would be only around 43 percent, with Black-and-Green agree. Add to this, however, is still 14 percent undecided. The whole of the voters is only one-third fire and flame for this coalition variant.

Markus Söder: CSU-Chef competition in survey

finding two: it Comes to the new Alliance, the German trust, apparently, only a Union politician of the black-green chancellorship to . A whopping 39 percent of the more than 7,500 survey participants see Söder as the best Option. Behind it, nothing follows for a long time. 28.4 percent of the respondents found “none of the above-Mentioned suitable”, 14.4 percent Friedrich Merz .

+ Armin Laschet (li.) and Markus Söder effect in the Corona of crisis, often as competitors. So far, Söder has the better end.©dpa / Guido Kirchner

Ironically, the projection of the CSU leaders in the ranks of the Union voters is almost more dramatic. 60.8 percent of them indicated in the survey, Söder is the best choice for Black is Green. On rank two Merz with 19.1 percent follows. He also had recently – somewhat surprisingly – for an Alliance with the Eco-in position.

Black-and-Green ab 2021? The survey showed a tendency – and a bad outcome for Laschet

A sound slap in the face is equal to the survey results for a supposed favourites for the Chancellor candidacy comes. the Armin Laschet* prefer according to the survey, 4.7 percent of the German citizens as a possible head of a black-green coalition.

in order for North Rhine-Westphalia lands Minister among the also-RANS. In front of him, Norbert Röttgen* (5.3 percent) and Jens Spahn* (4.9 per cent) placed. 28.4 percent of the respondents could not think of any of the above options. Among the Union sympathizers Laschet is not only to 3.8 percent approval – but after all, as the last to the finish. Röttgen cuts off own potential electorate, even a bit worse.

the election polls seem to point more to Black-Green. In a recent “ Sunday question ” by Kantar, commissioned by the Bild am Sonntag, the two parties would come together to 55 percent of the vote – enough for a thickness of Chancellor majority . Computer would be almost possible even a more Great coalition. That the SPD would be interested in a new edition, however, seems questionable.

survey brings with it new job’s message for Laschet, CDU Chancellor race open?

A pretty big “But” is there after all. The Institute Civey collects its data not in the traditional phone sample, but online, and volunteers. Quite controversial is whether, in this way, representative results.

nevertheless, should such a clear result give a pointer to the current mood in the country . For Laschet, the result is a more unwelcome message. The CDU Minister-President of the Corona power of the outbreak at the meat plant, to create Tönnies and his own crisis management. In the Union there is already a “Mutterings” about the former bearer of hope, writes in the Münchner Merkur*.

sunshine is not between Green and CSU of the survey, in Spite of, however. Only on Monday, party chief of Robert Habeck Söder had attacked – it was the long-overdue electoral reform.(fn) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

section list image:©AFP / CHRISTOF STACHE