In Australia, to be used in nets for sharks from the beach and the coast away. So the Fort is secured, there are numerous types. But a whale-Young caught in the nets at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.

A sports diver by the name of Django was fortunately on the spot, and discovered the prisoner humpback whale. When he saw the animal, he said, he felt an immediate adrenaline rush. “Basically, I untangled him,” he said to the news site “ABC Gold Coast”. “I had a knife, but I had to use really.”

penalties of up to € 16,000

Django was able to free the whale, was then addressed by fisheries inspectors, who arrived on a boat in the past. The officials threatened him with penalties. For the Cutting up of protection networks in Australia, the equivalent of up to 16,000 euros will be charged.

However, the Ministry of fisheries said on Thursday that he would not receive a monetary penalty, reported the local station. However, it should be stated that a monetary penalty would be waived, as yet, no entries in the “Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol” were recorded against him.

fisheries Minister warns of Release of animals from networks

The Minister of Fisheries for Queensland, Mark Furner, was after this event to the Public and said, you should not attempt to free whales from the nets.

“It is important that people in such situations, allow the professionals to do their job,” said Furner.

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