It is a highlight for the public the summer of the interview Ritual, it is a low point for the Chairman of the Left. For the ZDF-political magazine “Berlin” does not allow interviewer Shakuntala Banerjee loose, as the Hong Kong-China’s policy and the persistent Silence of the Left on human rights violations. The ZDF-wife calls examples of relatively insignificant events, to which the party solidarity has, to a highly-aggressive policy towards Hong Kong and the people there – no solidarity. “But we have set ourselves apart,” said Katja Kipping at some point matt. Then she moans. And then afterwards pushes a more satin finish, “Yes.”

In the case of Corona Kipping positioned

, The ZDF, the Suffering of the Chairman of your party (and Vice versa) mercilessly exposes. Katja Kipping is well received by students and left-wing Intellectuals. In the case of the old base, workers and the unemployed, and struggling. Almost desperately, the Chairman tried to beat the bridge. As she talks about the climate policy, which is close to her heart. And tried, then something krampfig of the Green delineate. “We know that climate change hits in this country, the poor and the Vulnerable,” says you. And pushes another from behind, and she wanted no policy climate, in which “the Poorest freeze”. Similarly, the Left-Chairman the views of the Anti-Corona-Demonstration is positioned this weekend in Berlin. “Negligence is a call for recklessness – that I criticize in the strongest possible terms.” FOCUS Online Never more the favorite series miss

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Stammtisch? “I invite for a coffee, a”

For eight years, Katja Kipping leads your party. Finally, the election results were more than sobering. The old strongholds of Saxony and Brandenburg, have fallen in the state elections, in the Federal the Left comes on just seven percent. “The Left has the potential to get nationwide to 15 per cent,” says the Chairman. It sounds like a loud whistle in the forest, in order to expel the fear of Slipping into irrelevance. Since the ZDF wants to know if you had the car for more electoral success more regulars? Your answer is treasonous: “I invite you to coffee.”

The “I” of the Chairman against the “We” of the party

by the time of the Interview, the international policy, is an end to tea party state of mind. At the criticism of Donald Trump Katja Kipping does easily. When the Western defense Alliance remains eloquent. “The fact that Nato is a value Alliance, has done so,” she says, and adds: “The Nato is creating itself.” In the other world, China makes, however, it is obvious lonely to the Chairman. “Where human rights are violated, we must oppose it”, said you. But it speaks for itself. From your party, apparently alliances Lich still today deeply rooted in the old left, there was no expression of Solidarity for Hong Kong. So the Chairman says: “I have positioned myself clear.” And the other in the party? “We need to improve.” Here is the “I” of the Chairman, there is the “We” of the party: It is the old Suffer the Katja Kipping, the little hope of a successful policy.

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