Three months after the beginning of the containment is intended to combat the spread of the epidemic of coronavirus in france, Emmanuel Macron takes to the floor again in the face of the French. A new appearance in the media, the fourth, is particularly expected. As soon as 20 hours, the president of the Republic has announced that as of Monday, all of the territory, with the exception of Mayotte and French Guyana, will be in “green zone”, “this will allow for a more robust recovery of the work and the reopening of cafés and restaurants in the Ile de france”. “We will be able to find the pleasure to be together, to return to work” and “we grow”, said Emmanuel Macron. “We’re going to fully regain France”.

Emmanuel Macron also announced that it will be possible to travel between european countries and that, from 1 July, travel in countries outside Europe will be allowed in the country where the epidemic is under control.

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schools, colleges, and high schools will re-open so mandatory with conditions of normal presence, from the 22 June next. All students will be accommodated. In addition, visits to residents in long-term care facilities will again be allowed. The head of State reminded, however, that the virus is still circulating and that it will be necessary to continue to avoid large gatherings at the maximum, rassemblemenr which will therefore remain very boxes. It confirms the holding of the second round of municipal elections on 22 June.

The head of State also justifies the expenditure incurred during the height of the crisis, due to exceptional circumstances. And prevents input : “we will not fund these expenditures by increasing taxes.” According to him, the “only answer” should be to build a “sustainable economic model, more strong.”