In Kipfenberg near Eichstätt/Ingolstadt were found in may, human bones. Now, the identity of the dead is – the case leads to the year 2002.

A probe-goers joined in may 2020 to a human bone in the woods in Kipfenberg. Then bones of a second corpse were found. The identity of the two dead is, it is missing persons.

Update from the 12. June: In a forest in Kipfenberg, in may, human bones were found. On Tuesday (9. June) it was announced that the Remains belong to a missing couple from Ingolstadt. Now the result of the investigation of the bone parts by the experts of the legal medicine Munich: it is, Therefore, both by massive violence died.

the police tells: “In the investigation for double murder, are carried under property, plant and direction of the public Prosecutor’s office in Ingolstadt, flow in addition to these new study results as well as the insights that were gained since the Disappearance of the couple. After the discovery of the bodies can now be notes and findings from the past and assigned a rating.“

man finds bones in the woods: police digging up another skeleton Now, sad Details are known

Update from the 9. June, 8.12 PM: The Remains were found in a forest at Kipfenberg , belong to a couple from Ingolstadt. The 23-year-old Sabine and her friend, Eugen (21) was last updated on September 21. September 2002, after a local visit it can be seen, such as the Danube courier reported. The Pair from Ingolstadt to the North-East had at that time, police information, contacts for local drugs . After the local visit, the Couple went to the apartment of a young man. They were last seen, when they left against two in the morning with a Packed backpack in the house.

in November 2019, mom the 23-Year-old hope, her daughter clinging, perhaps, yet alive again, as you stated, at that time the Danube courier: “It can’t be that one finds nothing more of a man.” The mother was hoping for a return, even though her common sense said that Sabine is probably dead.

A ten person team of investigators to the Department in Ingolstadt is now to clarify the circumstances of the death. The officials are also hoping for new approaches and information from the public. For weeks, a dozen policemen had dug in the forest, until all the Remains recovered were. “You can imagine what are the natural causes there,” said a spokesman for the police headquarters upper Bavaria North to the Danube courier about the tedious work at the lost and found.

Bones in the woods near Kipfenberg: Well, since 2002, missing couple

Update from the 8 found. June, 18.44 PM: In the case of the found corpses it is supposed to be the a couple, Sabine P. and Eugene S. , which since the 22. September 2002, every sign of life was missing. Already in the year after the traceless Disappearance of the couple, the police had received, according to the Donau Kurier notes that Sabine P. and Eugene S., were murdered.

Four Accused in the drug have independently reported that drug dealers had killed the two Ingolstadt, because Eugen liabilities would not have paid for them. The couple had a drug problems .

for a Further six year later, was told according to the report, an Informant for the investigators, Eugene and Sabine were killed and “disposed of” has been, as it was common in Russia: and You have to let the corpses in open graves disappear , where the next day funerals were held.

The police have a tomb at Ingolstadt West cemetery open, but it was not found the second body. The police object to this portrayal does not speak.

Bayern: man finds bones in the woods: police digging up another skeleton

Update from the 8. June, 13.22 PM: At the 2. In may 2020, and found a stroller in the forest in Kipfenberg human bones – including a skull. “After the first police security measures followed for the police in Ingolstadt, a several weeks of continuous process for the excavation, salvage and medical investigation of the human Remains”. The police announced on Monday (8. June) with.

“In the framework of the by officials of the KPI Ingolstadt-in-hand work conducted excavations of a second skull and other bones were saved”, the police announced more. In a hall, the soil was crushed and sieved. Thus, teeth and other bone parts could be secured. The Institute of legal medicine in connection, first, that it is a male and a female skeleton.

forest in Kipfenberg near Eichstätt/Ingolstadt: The dead are two since 2002, missing persons

In the context of other studies of DNA Material could be made of the of bone secured. The outcome of the investigations: In the case of the found bodies to a since 2002, missing a couple. at the Time, a Relative filed a missing complaint with the police in Ingolstadt, because the couple was not accessible.

it Continues: “In coordination with the Prosecutor’s office in Ingolstadt , the police established an investigation group (EC Birktal). The goal of the re-launched investigation, is in close cooperation with the law, medicine, and building on that knowledge, the actual circumstances of the death of the now-found Missing to uncover.“

+ The backed-up soil – the Remains of two people were discovered.

man finds corpse in the forest – who is the Dead one?

first message from 12. May

Kipfenberg – An unusual Fund employs the police . In a forest at Kipfenberg (Landkreis Eichstätt) were found in several bone . It is still unclear who is the or the Dead and how the bones came into the forest. The Bavarian broadcasting (BR) is reported. A police spokesman confirmed the information from the BR via the Fund of human Remains.

forest in Kipfenberg (country rice Eichstätt, Germany): Human skeleton

found before nine days of a detectorist in the area of the Birktals came across a bone. The subsequent investigation revealed that it is a human bone, such as the BR reported more.

The police examined the surroundings of the site and found more parts of the skeleton. The bones were recovered together with the surrounding soil for further investigations.

the Remains in the woods near Kipfenberg identity found: it is still unclear

Currently, there is no evidence for the identity , or how long the body to the place he had found. With the first results expected is expected to end the week.

In December discovered a witness to parts of the skeleton in a forest in Mehring. Now it is clear to whom the dead.

In the Bavarian town of Lindau, it came down to a construction site of a spectacular find. It is human Remains of a suspected Wehrmacht soldiers were found.

A hunting dog made an incredible discovery in a forest in Grafrath* in upper Bavaria. The police is now faced with a riddle and asks for witness information.

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