The Federal police confirmed the operation at the S-Bahnhof Friesack with the forces of the state and Federal police to FOCUS Online. The forces were provoked called after a French citizen, the “broken English”, in the ICE 802 from Berlin to Hamburg is a threat. The “B. Z.” writes of a bomb threat, which could not confirm the police, however. The man accosted and jostled by people.

What is the excited and the additional 320 passengers a threatening man actually did say, was only difficult to understand, according to police. The man had threatened passengers and the personnel on Board “with words”. He should now get in the hearing the opportunity to explain themselves. None of the Parties was injured in the incident.

Federal police is overwhelmed man it have threat passed

in the Meantime, the Federal police reported via Twitter that a special unit of the Federal police overpowered a man and a threat to the position passed have.

Earlier, it was reported by a neighbor that the police were looking for in the ICE 802 to a Person. All the passengers were brought to a Parking lot at the train station Friesack-West of Berlin, and had to briefly leave the premises, confirmed the police. The summer sale has begun!

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ICE between Berlin and Hamburg is stopped: track blocking, redirection, and delays

Because of the police investigation of train services between Wittenberge and Berlin is disabled-Spandau. The features of the remote traffic stations between this train in both directions non-stop redirected. The trains in the distance, an additional delay of 30 to 40 minutes in both directions section.

for the Latest information on delays are available in the travel information of the Deutsche Bahn.

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