For Donald Trump, you are a hero, for many of the protesters as a Symbol of racism: soldiers and representatives of the Confederate States from the American civil war. Not only in their statues will now be discussed: Remove or retain?

Washington (Reuters) – In the Wake of the protests against racism in the United States after the death of George Floyd, a discussion of the American culture of remembrance is kindled. President Donald Trump rejected the renaming of U.S. military bases with a controversial name strictly.

On Twitter made it clear to Trump on Wednesday that, under his presidency, up to ten military bases such as Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Hood in Texas or Fort Benning in Georgia, your name will be kept.

In another case, in which an African American was during a police operation killed, it is now an independent investigation will give.

Trump wrote: “This is a monumental and very powerful support points have become part of a great American heritage and a history of winning, victory and freedom.” He called the facilities “sacred sites” in which “heroes” formed had been. On Thursday, the President reported again in large letters, and without further explanation via Twitter: “Those who deny their history are condemned to repeat it!”

At the bases, there is military bases, which are named after leaders of the Confederate States. The confederates had fought in the American civil war (1861-1865) against the North and against the abolition of slavery and against more rights for Black people fought back.

speaker of the house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, has a very different view on the memory of the military representatives of the southern States. She called for the removal of eleven statues in the Capitol in Washington, which represent soldiers, and representatives of the Confederate. “Your statues are a tribute to the hate, not the heritage,” she wrote in a letter to the competent authority of the Congress. The proposal is not entirely new: as early as 2017 Pelosi called for their removal.

The African-American George Floyd was on 25. May in the city of Minneapolis in a brutal police operation had been killed. A white police officer pushed him on the knee, almost nine minutes long in the neck, while Floyd was on the ground. Ask everyone to let him breathe, ignoring the official. The policeman and three party colleagues have been dismissed from service, arrested and charged. One of the other three officers came in the meantime on bail.

The news from a distance or even damage of monuments has accumulated in the United States last. The Governor of the state of Virginia, Ralph Northam, ordered last week, the removal of a controversial Statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Richmond. Lee is transfigured by the right-wing scene in the USA as a Hero. Monuments like the one in Richmond see many Americans as symbols of racism.

In Boston beheaded the Unknown is a Statue of Christopher Columbus. Also in Richmond was overthrown, according to a Columbus monument, set on fire and into a lake thrown in. Columbus was one of the first Europeans in the so-called New world and is often referred to as the discoverer of America. Historians and civil rights activists criticize him for his violent behaviour towards the indigenous people of America and to have crucial to the TRANS-Atlantic slave trade contributed to the.

Also in the cultural and sports area to be withdrawn consequences: the US streaming provider, HBO took the movie classic “gone with The wind” for the time being, from the program, in order to provide him with explanations of the racial prejudice and the problematic representation of slavery. The popular Motorsport series, Nascar ban on Showing the war flag of the Confederate in their race.

In the North-Western state of Washington provides, meanwhile, is a case of another slain African-American from the March caused a stir. Governor Jay Inslee has ordered an “independent” investigation in the case of a police operation in Tacoma (Washington), who died 33-Year-old Manuel Ellis. Local media reported, citing an autopsy report, the man had died by the action of the officials.

The case arose because of a Parallel to the death of George Floyd’s attention: Ellis is supposed to have said according to Reports, before his death, “I can’t breathe” (“I breathe”).

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