It is the worst thing you can imagine is a nightmare for all parents: trust your kids to a friendly, helpful man to prepare, which is known in the Region for his dedicated youth work as a youth Manager at the volunteer fire Department, as a Manager of a music group, as a volunteer employee of the district youth ring.

Add to that the ever-courteous Mr has been working for many years as a police officer, in a profession so there is hardly a second for moral integrity and righteousness.

parents trusted the man with your kids safely to

Many families around the Starnberger see believed that they could give their children safely in the hands of this man. Of a man whose Reputation seemed to be perfectly in and trustworthiness would not there was the slightest doubt.

All this was evidently a fallacy, a misjudgement with catastrophic consequences – first and foremost for the children and their families.

Alleged perpetrators in 14 months in custody

Starting Monday, to answer to the 60-year-old police officer Gerold S. before the district court of Munich. The allegations against the married officials, has been sitting for 14 months in pretrial detention and, according to FOCUS-Online-information from the service has been suspended, weigh heavy. The prosecution accuses him of, among other things, sexual abuse of children in 16 cases, including sexual abuse of protection-ordered in coincidence with the deprivation of freedom, as well as the possession of child – and Youth pornography.

In the case of the alleged abuse cases, the police have locked up his victim for the part of””, the public Prosecutor’s office. He had abused children who were entrusted to him for upbringing, education or care, “by violence” and taking advantage of their helpless situation. The least her tormentors had been delivered to-year-old “defenceless”.

He was for many years the youth were in the volunteer fire brigade

How to plan fully and purposefully acted Gerold S. apparently, it showed in the years 2000/2001 when the alleged abuse of a then 13-year-old boy. Policeman S., was the maintenance man at the time youth in the volunteer fire Department in Tutzing and as a supervisor for the boy responsible. Between the two, a “paternal relationship of trust developed according to the indictment”.

taking advantage of this fact, the defendant ordered the child in the classroom of the volunteer fire Department, and there locked up. He closed allegedly the door, pulled the blinds down, and played on the Computer a porn movie. To his victims, the police officer said that this Meeting “should remain a secret.” Then he held the boy with a strong grip, and sexual acts to him have made. It was only when the 13-Year-old threatened to call for help, let the defendant off of him.

kids in a sailing boat on the lake Starnberg taken

In another case, Gerold S. is to have a then 11-Year-olds abused. The Boy was also a member of the volunteer fire brigade and played the trumpet also in the music group of the alleged offender. On a summer day in 2011 or 2012, Gerold S. is to put the child with a sailing boat on the Starnberger lake and there anchored. In the Cabin, he takes the boy, according to prosecutors, miss.

In a further boat trip, it should be re-came to sexual acts – against the wishes of the child. The victim was the physically superior officers “not” to deprive, the public Prosecutor’s office. The Boy had jumped into the lake to swim to the shore, there would have been a “danger of drowning”. In the year 2018, it should be an issue of further abuse on the Starnberger see lake, this time the victim was 15 years old.

police officer should have shown a young porn videos

In 2014, the COP of a 12-Year-old approached. According to the indictment, Gerold S. gave the boys regular private trumpet lessons and sent him on an almost daily basis news about “WhatsApp”. In the consequence it came to the investigators that a “large number of sexual Assault”. First of all, the accused shall have demonstrated to the child porn videos that showed extreme practices. Later he is said to have sold out several times at the young, such as in the case of joint holidays with the victim and his family in Hungary.

After placement in the police contacts to 14-year-old

built in, Apparently, the accused took advantage of not only his position as a person of respect in the fire service and in the music group for his actions, but also be of service in the police inspection Starnberg. There, in 2017, completed in September, a 14-year-old student an internship. The defendant, Gerold S. was the boy, the for training to become police officers interested, as a supervisor allocated. According to prosecutors, he took advantage of the training relationship, with child “is a private and friendship to build Lich-looking relationship”.

he should have after the internship with the student a rain chat contact via “WhatsApp” and “lnstagram” entertain. The policeman sent out allegedly nearly 50 photos and Videos as well as text messages with sexual content.

Private Sex Videos with his wife, photographs from the godson

The Shocking: It should be part of the Porn Material that has made the police officer while having Sex with his own wife. According to the indictment, the woman with the recordings for private use was agreed, but not with the transfer to a third party. Some of the pornographic photos and films from the home the bedroom should have released the police officer also on the relevant web pages without the consent of his wife.

According to the investigation, the defendant should not have spared even the 1994-born godson. Accordingly, the two traveled in the year 2017 in common to Hamburg and stayed in a luxury hotel. There, the police officer should have photographed the young secretly, as this unclothed from the shower came.

investigators found dozens of child porn pictures and videos

On the computers and the mobile phone of the accused, the investigators will be searching a total of 81 children porn pictures and videos, as well as and 39 youth pornographic files. The Material contains cruel scenes, among other things, the abuse of a four-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy to see.

lawyer: “Our client is fully self-acknowledged”

Alexander Stevens, who defended the accused police officers, together with the Munich-based lawyer Tom Heindl, declared on request by FOCUS Online: “Our client is fully admitted their guilt, and will spare the Victims a statement to the court. He, too, will strive for a generous compensation. Our client now know what incredible suffering he has caused his Victims and shows deep remorse. He hopes that he can forgive the victims someday.“

The suspended policeman, and a multi-year prison sentence, but also the loss of his pension rights is not threatened.

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