“It cannot be that the security Council remains speechless when the whole world has it to do with such a pandemic,” said Maas of the German press Agency.

Germany will take on 1. July for a month the presidency of the main UN body. A Corona-Resolution has so far failed due to a dispute between the United States and China, in particular, the role of the world health organization WHO. U.S. President Donald Trump accuses the WHO to act in the interests of China, and wants to see you not in a Resolution mentioned.

“Permanent self-blockade – time from the one, from the other side,”

“This is another example of the fact that the security Council is on the verge of inability to act,” said Maas. “In the large current crises like Syria or the Corona of the security Council will not meet requirements, the you would have to have him. There is a permanent self-blockade – time from the one, from the other side.“ Maas called on China and the United States, their differences in such a global theme, such as Corona reset.

He also confirmed the for many years, from Germany and many other countries calls for a reform of the UN security Council in a comprehensive manner. “As the security Council presents itself just shows that the need for Reform is as urgent as never before. The theme of not moving forward with small steps,“ said Maas. He also reiterated that a target of Germany would be in such a Reform, a permanent seat in the body.

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Currently, only five countries are members of the body, permanent: the nuclear powers-the USA, China, Russia, France and the United Kingdom. The ten other Seats and some of the 188 other UN-all States, and then for two years in the body. Germany applies for all eight years, and belongs now to the end of the year to the security Council.

The structure of the security Council dates back to the time of the Cold war. After that, there were several attempts at reform failed entirely. Germany with other countries to ensure that the number of permanent seats will be extended and also Africa and Latin America are taken into account.

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