Germany and three other European countries have also closed in a vaccine Alliance, a first contract with a pharmaceutical company for the supply of Corona vaccines in the EU. As soon as the vaccine used was ready to deliver the group, AstraZeneca 300 million doses of it, informed the Federal Ministry of health on Saturday. The development of the vaccine could be completed by the end of the year successfully, it said to AFP from government circles. /iStockphoto/licsiren How safe will it be able to find a Corona vaccine?

With the Treaty intends to secure the Alliance of Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands, the Europeans early on, a supply of the vaccine, the Ministry said. Of all the countries in the EU should benefit: The doses “are relative to the population size of all the member States that want to be there, to be divided”, the Ministry said.

“That vaccines are very quickly after a potential approval in this or in the next year in a large number of available, need to be backed up production capacity already contracted,” said it. At the video conference of EU health Ministers on Friday it had been agreed, moreover, that the activities of the Alliance with those of the EU-Commission together, in order to increase the impact strength.

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