“It was on Christmas eve of the year 2011. My son Felix, then 25 years old, my daughter Pia, 27 years old, and I have celebrated Christmas the way we have done it every year. It was a beautiful evening, we have a lot of talking to each other. Felix and Pia were very loving and full of life. You were fully in the life, as all young people should do.

at 1 o’clock at night, left both my apartment and wanted to go in Pias car home. Felix had initiated with me, Pia was sober. She wanted to drop him off at home.

cars fought race

On the highway, it happened then. The car of my children collided with two much to fast moving cars – the driver had done previously in a race. Both drivers, even fathers, married and about 40 years old – were heavily under the influence of alcohol. The first car rammed unabated with approximately 160 to 180 kilometers per hour, the rear of the car of my children. The car flung dig into the road and then back on the road. There, she met the second car at the left Front.

4 o’clock in the morning, a police officer and an emergency chaplains from the bed rang me. They told me that Pia had already died at the scene and Felix in danger to life balance. I should make but no great hopes.

Beyond Good and Evil

understand me hardly. It is an understatement to say that I was in shock – it was far more than just shock. My body worked, I was stunned, beyond Good and Evil.

there’s a lot of the night, I don’t remember. The emergency chaplain drove me to the clinic. The path led past the scene of the accident, there are some pieces of wreckage, including some Christmas gifts for Pia and Felix were still scattered.

Hope for a miracle

In the hospital, I was led first to Felix. Pia was already in the ICU, she had been taken into a side room.

The Doctors said that the cases of suspected brain death is. It was hard for me to fully understand that a still warm body to be dead. Felix looked quite normal, no scratches or lacerations. Info: organ donation

For organ donation, two conditions must be met:

  • the patient must have been found by several investigations is an irreversible failure of brain function, without a doubt, independently of each other by two different Doctors.
  • There must be a consent of the patient for organ donation, in the Form of an organ donation card. There is no statement of the patient to be asked the members to make a decision within the meaning of the deceased.

Donated heart, lung, kidney, liver, pancreas, and parts of the intestine can be generally. It is also possible that certain organs of the donation is excluded.

Felix and Pia had a organ donor card

Still, I hoped for a miracle. But it was too late. The senior physician explained to me that organ donation is possible. I knew that Pia and Felix both had an organ donor card.Organ donor card – you should. in

The knowledge was a relief for me Felix had made the decision already. I don’t know if I can make could have at the Moment is a clear decision for him. Through his work as a nurse my son with the topic of organ donation had come in contact. It was, for me, of course, his last will and comply with it. It was like a last will and Testament. Organ donors are

According to a survey commissioned by the technician health insurance, 84 percent of the citizen body towards donations in General, rather positive. However, only about 40 percent of the respondents actually have an organ donation card.

Here you can order your organ donor card.

A organ donor card you can use as well to speak of a donation explicitly to resist. A doctor must accept that will. Has decided to a Deceased person for donation is tested in accordance with the final, non-recoverable failure of the brain, whether the organs come up for donation in question. Then you will be taken where appropriate.


with regard to the say goodbye to Felix, so for me it was more of a process and not a point focused. We had a little more time, because we wanted to wait for his girlfriend, who was at the time in France and now back to Würzburg came. It took a while, until you arrived here.

I was still with Pia in the University hospital. The family could say goodbye in the right medicine. I could lie beside my son in the ICU, with him, pray, and sing songs. All of this was important to me.

Some relatives and friends have accompanied me and helped. My son had worked in the University hospital, where he was then. That is to say, it some of the nurses, sisters and Doctors knew. They were so loving and good to talk. Private Pia and Felix Röschert died Christmas eve 2011 in a car accident

Four people organs

receive On the day of collection, I learned of the German Foundation for organ transplantation, they have removed Felix five organs. About six weeks later I was informed that four people have received organs from Felix, and that the transplants had been successful.

I know the age and gender of the recipient, as well as whose state of health. All recipients are still alive, you are well and you can almost lead a normal life. So far, the recipients have to get by the donation of Felix more than 30 years of life as a gift.

I don’t know if I want to get to know the organ recipient, my son, what is good – and legal – reasons. I hope that you will take proper care of the organs of my son.

Proud that Pia and Felix were organ donors

A consolation, the organ donation is not for me. There is no comfort. However, I am incredibly proud that both my children wore so much love in so that she filled out an organ donor card. So much courage to make a decision on what happens after the death with the own body, that is something Special.

Even eight years after her death, I don’t celebrate Christmas. I’ll never do that again. This time is especially hard for me. Initially, I felt the deepest loneliness and grief. Severe depression followed. I had to give up my profession – I am unable to work. Ulrich Schepp Heiner Röschert in a Congress of the German Foundation for organ transplantation

network members

in 2016, I founded the network for relatives of organ donors. First and foremost, it’s about supporting each other. We talk on the phone and write. It is a focal point in the darkest hours. The feels damn good.

We also advocate for organ donation. I find it a shame that many people die who could donate their organs, but where exactly this happens. Actually, it is much worse, as it shows the high degree of indifference. Humanity does not seem to count here. Decision-making

a meeting According to the German Foundation for organ transplantation written before expression of will, only 15 percent of the potential organ donor. In about 40 percent of the cases, the relatives decide according to the presumed will of the deceased, and in approximately 19 percent according to their own values. The proportion of rejection of an organ donation, in the latter case is particularly high: In 2019, 41 percent of the rejections were based on a sole decision of the members.

Germany is a Freeloader

in Germany, we meticulously pay attention to recycle all materials. That is a good thing. But in the institutions we don’t care. Here, we accept that you are burnt or in the ground to be buried. We are within EuroTrans, a parasitic plant, because we get a lot more bodies to Germany, as in the chain purely. Eurotransplant

The non-profit Foundation Eurotransplant is for the placement of donor organs in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Luxembourg, Austria, Schlowenien and the Netherlands responsible. At the Foundation of all patients are registered, the wait on one or multiple organs. So the patients have a higher Chance to get a suitable donor organ.

According to the annual report in 2018, the German Foundation for organ donation in Germany is within the Eurotransplant network, as the country of import. Talk: recipients in Germany will benefit from the higher number of organ donors abroad.

As I said before, I had to implement only the decision of my son. It is always a tremendously difficult Situation, if one or both children die. Through organ donation, it was at least possible that several other people were able to live on.“

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