With his the second supplementary budget, Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) is planning again for a further 60 billion in debt. This seems at first glance to understand, finally, Corona, the economic harm is enormous. State to kick-start the economic engine is, therefore, reasonable and appropriate and, if necessary, and if possible, in the framework of the debt brake, also debt financed.

But before the Federal government takes a hasty new debt, he has to try first of all with the existing means, to bring the economy up and Running again. The primary task of sustainably-minded Finance Minister would dissolve were, therefore, among other things, existing reserves, to reduce unnecessary expenditure, such as subsidies, and in normal times, as promised, the choice of gifts, at the least, postpone. In short: He should do everything to prevent a lot of new debt. About the guest author

Otto Fricke, budget spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group. In 2002, the now 54-Year-old moved for the first time in the Bundestag.

Scholz is preparing his campaign before the

As the SPD candidate for Chancellor in spe makes Olaf Scholz, however, unfortunately, the opposite: Old and new selection of gifts he can keep on and outdated or unnecessary expenditure he wants to cut. Existing billion in reserves, he leaves untouched, and even building new, loan-financed savings accounts in the billions. To avoid instead of investing wisely in the future, and vast mountains of debt, he prepares silently his election campaign in 2021.

It would have been offered to the crisis of the moment for meaningful reform. Expensive and backward-looking choice of gifts, such as the basic pension, would you be able to by wise investments in the future to replace, for example, by sensible investments in infrastructure, as demanded by the German Council of economic experts, or a contemporary digitisation policy, which would be urgently needed.

To better the future of modern climate protection: The EEG levy and electricity were expensive, for example, reform and a General pricing mechanism for CO2 to replace it. In contrast to the EEG levy and electricity tax, such a mechanism is spared the financially Weaker and accelerates Innovation and the energy transition. All of this would have to be able to stimulate Olaf Scholz, as the perspective of the Minister of Finance must encourage. Instead, he uses now, however, booking tricks, in the next year – without that it is in the budget to be able to even more debt and SPD – choice of gifts to make.

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Clever sleight of hand

Olaf Scholz favorite sleight of hand is clever even pretty: Strategically, he fills in the reserve of the so – called energy and climate Fund, a skillfully in the Federal budget, and legal hidden shadow budget, now at around 26 billion.

similarly, he proceeds with the former Asylum reserve. It should be used years ago to cover costs for the reception and accommodation of asylum seekers. Since, however, significantly less financial demand is created as originally intended, remained so-called Credit authorizations of Scholz unused in the back position. The funds may include the Federal government in the past, but went unused had to move them from year to year in the future, instead of resolving them.

blame the dam is already in a

broken In this year and want to support the Minister, for the first time at the Asylum reserve, which he renamed, in the meantime, to a General reserve. Almost eleven of the total 48 billion should be removed. However, this removal of Union and SPD want to do without now. Instead of using the reserve resources, do you want to this year, where due to the Corona of the once-stable debt-to-dam eh is broken, a total of 200 billion euros, to absorb new debt. The expenditure of the Federal government should be in this year twice as high as the revenue. Michael Kappeler/Reuters Pool/Reuters Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU)

While the Minister of Finance in the process, just restart the economy, to have in view seems to be, he uses the crisis to be in your shadow a comfortable, but credit-financed financial stock for the election year 2021 create. The former Asylum reserve, and the energy and climate Fund remain due to the new debt, well filled, so that the future Chancellor candidate, Scholz will approve next year the one or the other choice a gift. Because of how well you would fare as a Finance Minister, if you could announce the end of 2020, the budget to 2021, again in the limits of the debt brake would move.

ambitions pre-Finance

After, Olaf Scholz, was defeated last year in the fight for the SPD party chair Saskia esque and Norbert Walter-Borjans, significantly, it is the wide Opening of the state box in the last few months now the popularity ranking of SPD party members unchallenged at the front. The showed only this week a survey among SPD members. The question is, who do you want as a Chancellor candidate, scored esque three-and-Walter-Borjans, two – Scholz, however, 57 percent.

A must-Olaf Scholz so: and his the second supplementary budget, he proves already for the concealment skill of the Chancellor of the taxpayers is a bad Deal as a great success when it can sell. He has managed his political ambitions 2021 now to pre-Fund, without the General Public knowing about it. While the debts are increasing, is growing its tax-funded campaign Fund. You must let him not go unchallenged. German society for nutrition: these are the 10 rules for a healthy life FOCUS Online/Wochit German society for nutrition: The flammekueche, the 10 rules for a healthy life – lightning recipe: the fast Alternative to the classic PCP’s Flammkuchen – the flash recipe: the fast Alternative to the classic