FC Midtjylland took a major step away from guldkonkurrenterne, since they are ravening wolves so their cut to eat in copenhagen guests.

It was a 4-1 victory, which sends the FC Copenhagen for the count with seven points difference, and inside on the pitch could midtjydernes states brand, how he and teammates were well better than the defending champions.

“We play to our advantage. We are a tempohold. We have players who are good in genpres. I don’t know how many balls we conquer, wherever they go completely in a panic. They knew not what to do,” says Erik Defends and banks even more to it.

“It’s a great feeling to stand here afterwards, where we have made such a sterling effort with multiple objectives. The only thing one can put a finger on, is that they score a single goal. They had not earned.”

Erik Defends controlled bagtroppen, Evander enjoys in the middle, and Sory Kaba bed from on top. It could FC Copenhagen’t put much up against when all the other central jutland constantly was over the guests.

Now is there a difference. A marked one. Seven points can FC Midtjylland Savoybetting go on landsholdspause with, and the points already after 16 games so big a difference that Erik Defends begins to smells the sweet scent in the cool efterårsluft.

“It means incredibly much to have an advantage in the next matches. So many matches are not back. We need stupid us very, very much, and it may well happen, but I think that we show a soundness. We are just hard to beat.”

“It must be our own mistakes that do, if we don’t win football matches. And so they must step up. Now they must win some battles to catch up with us, but it is the first step on the road, and there are still some steps yet,” says FCM-captain.

He now has one in a good while, guided ulveflokken from the field, while he outside have had Brian Priske as the leader. A man, however, so far only on a temporary deal until the new year.

But it stands to Erik Defends, so, Claus Steinlein, Rasmus Ankersen, Svend Graversen and who else has something to say in the mid – good find pens forward.

“He must just be employed permanently. It is not so much anymore. We have the insanely good together as a squad, and he takes up incredibly much as a coach. It is mega much credit to Brian and the rest of the team. They all make a big difference for us in our daily lives.”

“This is a young team, which can really well together. It rubs off on us, and we rub off on them. I also believe that we are on the trænerfronten have some playfulness. He must just have a good contract, and then signing he hopefully,” concludes Erik Defends.