The legacy of general de Gaulle continues to arouse passions. In an interview published by Le Parisien,Marine Le Pen believes that the national Gathering, political party, yet long antigaulliste, is “the continuity” of the ideas of general de Gaulle. On the other hand, Emmanuel Macron, is “the antithesis,” believes the politician. “Whatsoever on these two great principles” of the independence of France and sovereignty of the people, “but also on the defence of the Fifth Republic, the will of industrialization, the defense of nuclear power, we are in the RN the continuity of the great ideas that he has championed,” says the president of the RN, in this interview. Marine Le Pen was “a common point” between Joan of Arc and de Gaulle, ” faced with the collective resignation of the so-called elites “, sharing the ” refusal of the imposition by a foreign power the direction of our country.”

conversely, it considered ” that the anti-de Gaulle absolute, it is Emmanuel Macron “. The president of the Republic ” is not in the country, it is an economy class, of finance, of a caste. Clearly, de Gaulle was to France, ” said Marine Le Pen, a candidate already declared for the presidential election of 2022. Emmanuel Macron is the finalist of the presidential 2017, ” the symbol of the submission to the special interests, while de Gaulle had been submitted to the general interest “. “For de Gaulle, the capital of France was Paris, for Macron, it is rather Brussels. Macron is the antithesis to all the points of view of de Gaulle. “

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Marine Le Pen will pay tribute to de Gaulle

the head of The RN, ex-FN, a party founded in 1972 including former staff and supporters of French Algeria, does not see a “contradiction” to “pay tribute to the vision” of De Gaulle, “while maintaining the episode of French Algeria a critical vision “.

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She admits that the decolonization process ” was a movement in the world, and that by adopting it, the general de Gaulle was evidence of a form of vision of the long term and the future.” But she continues to judge “deeply unfair and objectionable” the ” manner in which the independence of Algeria took place and the way in which the returnees and harkis have been treated “. Marine Le Pen will not go to Colombey-les-deux-Churches for 50 years of the appeal of 18 June, but ‘ will be an action for [him] homage.”

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