In turn, the economic stimulus package, has written the Federal government a bill. The motor Vehicle tax depending on the CO2-emissions are on the rise.

The Federal Cabinet has decided in the Wake of the stimulus package a bill . The road tax should be CO2-emissions of the vehicles increased. the Green and environmental organizations is not enough.

Berlin, Cabinet has on Friday (12. June), a draft law is approved, to increase the road tax for vehicles with high CO2 emissions . The design goes back to the Minister of Finance of Olaf Scholz (SPD) and will apply for cars registered as from 2021 new.

The Reform provides that in the case of cars that emit no more than 95 grams of CO2 per Kilometer , to be paid for each additional gram a surcharge of two Euro . The mark-up should then gradually increase to up to four euros, per additional gram of CO2 for vehicles with a particularly high CO2 emission . For passenger Cars with less than 95 grams of CO2 emissions, there should be a annual tax bonus of 30 Euro for a maximum of five years.

brake for gas guzzlers? Vehicle tax for cars with high CO2 emissions

The environmental Reform of Vehicle tax had been already agreed on last September under the climate package the government of the Union and the SPD are on the rise. They came forward not because of differences over the embodiment of but since. In conjunction with the stimulus package of the government, the project was picked up again.

Scholz said in Berlin , through the Reform, the revenue from the Car tax would fail in the coming years, slightly higher, in the course of the next ten years, but then back down. If the target would be reached, that, in the future, more and more low-emission vehicles on-the-go, “will have the state a significant income”. This would, however, then from his point of view, “a wonderful thing”.

owners of the new electric cars remain in the Cabinet decisions, according to new registrations until the end of 2025 is completely of the Car-tax exempt . This exemption will apply up to a maximum of the end of 2030 . In addition, the price limit for the tax discount for company cars of € 40,000 to € 60,000 list has been increased price. The government also wants to raise the purchase premium for new electric cars significantly. This was not in the Cabinet but not yet on the agenda.

motor Vehicle tax reform: “Wonderful”, or just a symbolic mini-reform?

So “wonderful”, such as the Minister of Finance Scholz environmental associations and Green the draft law does not find, however. “Driving cars with high fuel consumption must be more expensive if it means the Federal government is serious about climate protection,” said FEDERAL traffic expert Jens Hilgenberg . He called for a “greater spread of road tax between efficient vehicles and fuel guzzlers”. In addition, the Car had to be aligned to the tax on CO2 emissions.

“This is just tinkering is above all a symbol policy, not climate policy,” said Green party leader, Anton Hofreiter . He asked instead, “an effective Bonus-Malus System” for new Cars. ADAC-traffic President Gerhard Hillebrand considers it a “good Signal” that the German government had included in the draft law on Vehicle tax, a tax Bonus for non-electric vehicles with very low CO2-emissions.