A Drunk is in Pirmasens in Rhineland-Palatinate in a group of people risks and has killed a man. Six other people were injured. The 51-Year-old was on Sunday morning, shortly after midnight, in the opposite direction in a one-way street and was moved to the front of a restaurant waiting group, police said. The accident driver had, according to initial findings, almost two per Mille of alcohol in the blood.

When driving in to the waiting group of people, a 39 suffered Years of fatal injuries, six people between the ages of 30 and 47 years, were injured according to the police, some of them seriously. The drunk driver had been brought for an examination in a clinic, a police spokesman said. Among other things, the mental state of the driver should be determined.

An expert to reconstruct the accident. According to various witnesses, the 51 will be caused-Year-old from the deadly accident already been in an accident and fled the scene. The investigations are ongoing. Heavy rain and hail: Here is the severe weather risk for PCP heavy rain and hail on Sunday: Here is the severe weather risk

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