at the end of may wanted to fly the 29-Year-old from the city of Xining in Northwest China, according to Yangcheng in the East of the country, such as the “DailyMail” reported. Two hours prior to departure, the young woman from grief is to have consumed more than a separation of two 250ml bottles of “Bai Jui”. This is a liquor based on cereals, depending on the variety with an alcohol content of 35-60 percent.

“Lost control of your emotions”

video footage from the Airbus A320 would show how the Situation got to a head. First of all, the young woman is said to have violently cried, whereupon they calmed down, the attending stewardesses. Suddenly, you’ve lost “control of your emotions” and started several times against the window next to her seat to take. Several cracks in the surface be created – a reason to initiate the immediate emergency landing.

After the plane had safely gone in Zhengzhou to the ground, have taken the police to the 29-Year-old, the report says the “Daily Mail” to continue. Even if the incident no one was hurt, and you’ll answer to the woman now, probably because of the destruction of public transport in front of the court. According to Chinese law, they could expect a prison sentence of three to ten years. Lightning recipe for quiche: The fast Alternative to the Alsatian classic PCP lightning recipe for quiche: The fast Alternative to the Alsatian classic