Donald Trump is in dealing with political opponents is not a child of sadness. A bizarre appearance threatens to become to the boomerang.

For years, U.S. President Donald Trump competitors covers with ridicule and accusations. In the presidential campaign* Joe Biden threatens to backfire. Shortly before his 74. Birthday fights Trump during an appearance with a “slippery” ramp – and reap scorn and derision.

Washington – The spirits, he exclaimed, After four years of presidency, Donald Trump s the struggle for a positive Image in the US election always schillerndere flowers – drives, not least fuelled by Trump himself. The US President is attacking opponents eventually like to relentlessly because of alleged or actual errors. And gets the rougher gait to feel self.

The most recent example: A highly bizarre dispute with a shaky appearance Trumps at the U.S. military Academy, West Point . The oblique Zoff comes in right on time trump 74. Birthday on Sunday (14. June).

Donald Trump: “Slippery ramp” brings US the head of government awkward Moment

What happened? In front of journalists from all over the world and cameras running in a nightmare falling down – for a US-President , of course. All the more so under the circumstances. That Trump went on Saturday (local time) a “slippery” ramp slowly and gently, provided in the network immediately for ridicule.

Trump made a statement on Twitter for additional attention: The ramp has been “very long and steep and very slippery” and had no railing to Hold on to. “The last thing I wanted to do was fall to the Fake News, have fun with it,” wrote the US-President a lot of telling.

Trump said that the last three meters of the ramp, he is even “running”. This Statement can go look at the pictures, however, in the best case as a “highly subjective” by. Perhaps rather than “alternative fact”.

Donald Trump: US President reaps ridicule – problems with Drink and Talk?

A second reason why the tag #Trumpisnotwell – the Trump’s was good on the weekend for the Trend with scathing remarks on Twitter, there is another Video snippet of a speech Trumps in the military Academy.

in it to see how the US President at the Drink takes the second Hand to help to guide the glass to her lips. In addition, he had problems with the debate of the Name of the world war veterans Douglas MacArthur . Too serious any articulation appear the difficulties in the recordings, at least for Non-native speakers but.

all the same, The Transmission of speech Trumps showed consistent Corona-protection measures for the Listener. They sat in the chairs with a clear safety distance to folding. Trump was granted a long time against massive Corona limitations and has excluded a new Lockdown . The US are the world’s most fiercely by the pandemic in the affected countries. At the same time, in the case of Floyd, and the following protests make Trump in the election campaign, to create.

#Trumpisnotwell and #SleepyJoe: US election threatens to level-Limbo

The issue age and lack of Fitness has Trump in the US presidential election campaign itself, hung very high. He mocks me often about his democratic Challenger, Joe Biden* because of dropouts spoke and called him “Sleepy Joe” – “sleepy Joe”. Biden is 77 years old, only three years older than Trump.

a stir had taken care of trump’s campaign team recently with his reaction to a disagreeable survey result.


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