Separated by the borders, far away by the coronavirus, thousands of european couples will be able to recover from this week. Denmark has re-opened on Monday its borders to several categories of people. Among them are those whose love partner is located in the country, reports the BBC.

The measure concerns the residents of the nordic countries (Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden or Germany. They must, said the executive, Danish, prove the reality of their relationship through photos, text messages or e-mails. They must also provide the name and contact information of the person they are trying to reach. The Justice minister, Nick Hækkerup, has, however, shown at the microphone of a local television channel that the rule would soon be relaxed, and a declaration on the honour would join his beloved on the other side of the border.

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borders open to holders of second homes

Note also that a simple flirtation could not justify benefit of the pass-law : according to local authorities, the relationship of the resident dane and his partner must last for at least six months, and have been the subject of physical encounters, and not only online or by phone. Other categories of persons are also affected by the relaxation of the rules, which came into force on Monday, as workers, members of families distant by the epidemic or the owners of secondary residences in Denmark. Again, the exemptions apply to German citizens and Northern Europe.

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