There is no reason to believe that terrorist groups would forget this lesson from the Corona pandemic. All countries are susceptible to it: “The damage is quickly and potentially globally.”

the German security authorities have the information, but so far no evidence of appropriate Stroke arrangements. The Council of Europe has its headquarters in the French city of Strasbourg, and is responsible for compliance with and implementation of human rights.

harm to people and the economy could be huge

In the opinion, it is, according to the report, further, the intentional use of a pathogen or other biological active substance by terrorists “may prove to be highly effective”. The damage to people and the economy could be far greater than in the case of “traditional” terrorist attacks, companies would be paralyzed for extended periods of time, fear and distrust widely sown on the directly affected communities.

experts are calling for a strengthened and coordinated response of the European States to this threat. The Committee, in the security experts of the Council of Europe member States to work together, also calls for exercising to combat biological attacks in the Exercises.

so Far “no concrete or abstract plans,” noted

The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, declared at the request of the spark-Newspapers, yet no concrete or abstract Tatplan “or” serious ideas or thoughts games had been found in Germany “to bioterrorist activities”. In the “unlikely event” of such an attack is likely, most likely, the terrorist militia Islamic state or Al-Qaeda are behind, it said.

at the beginning of April had already told the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, he sees a rising risk of future attacks by Bioterroristen with the aim of a pandemic such as the current.

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