Members of the Levakovic family, who have committed serious crimes, should not just be able to loop the exposed name and hide behind a new.

It takes the Danish people’s Party. The party has just tabled a new bill, which means that the criminals who have been given a sentence of more than three months of unconditional imprisonment, should not be able to change the name.

the Ban would apply, from the judgment, and so long as the judgment of the person’s criminal record. It will, in practice, say that the ban will apply in ten years, from the person is released, if there is a public record.

As Ekstra Bladet has revealed earlier today, five members of the criminal gypsy clan changed their last name out.

– It should generally be harder for criminals to run from their criminal past. They should not be able to hide themselves by changing the name – and it will also make it easier for citizens to protect themselves against to have with the criminals to do, says chairman of the Danish people’s Party Peter Skaarup.

– It is clear that if a person is pretending to be called Hansen and in fact called Levakovic, so it becomes difficult for citizens to know whether it is a, you have to be wary of, he says.

Crime So that the criminal is Levakovic-sister: The elderly fear

He points out that it is possible that the police can beat people up with their social security number and see their criminal actions, but it can citizens and other stakeholders not just do:

– A housing association has not necessarily just look for, to a person in reality is a Levakovic and can pose a problem, you are going to hang on for years. And even though they may not be able to say no to the person, so you can at least take some precautions.

– The same with the neighbors. Also, there may well be some shops that gives some credit as part of the business, which probably will not do it, if the person in fact is a Levakovic, says Peter Skaarup.

Denmark’s most criminal family

opens the Denmark arms for the Dusi and Rubinka Levakovic and gives them a residence permit. They are both dead today.

later, all the adult members of the family over 18 years in three generations committed Sahabet the crime.

is it about seven living – including Monika Petrovic – and two deceased. Some of them are named/named Petrovic to the surname. From this generation is the only Monika and her sister Silvia, who are Danish nationals.

there are total of 55 family members in the country.

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Minister of justice: False form of security, Justice minister Nick Hækkerup (S) is not immediately for a prohibition, that criminals can change their name. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix/Finn Frandsen

Justice minister Nick Hækkerup (S) is not immediately for the Danish people’s party draft law on a ban that criminals can change their name. It came out at the beginning of november, when he responded to a section 20-questions in Parliament about it:

– I assume that the purpose of the proposal is to prevent convicted criminals from committing new crime – a goal which I, incidentally, agree with the questioner in. But I’m not convinced that the proposal will have the effect. And why not? It is because it is, as Police have indicated, is a cpr-number and not the person’s name, which is crucial for the police investigation.

– A change of name, which is registered in the cpr register shall be automatically updated in Kriminalregisteret, and it means that the police always have the ability to look up whether a suspect has previously committed a crime, even though he has changed the name. The proposal will be on the way according to the police does not have any significance in police work.

– I have also a little difficult to see how it can help people, to usually have you as a citizen are not aware of the offender’s names in connection with criminal proceedings, and therefore, I am afraid that it might give a false form of security.

Nick Hækkerup admitted, however, that in cases with large media coverage can have an effect:

– (…) I think that in the very spectacular cases, where the names are known because of big media coverage, etc., of course, will be a recognition. But I also believe that the questioner will agree with me that in the vast, vast majority of cases, we know the not as ordinary people – and good for it – the names of those who are punished for the crimes. Therefore, it will in the vast majority of cases do not have the large effect.

Easy to change the name

Anyone with a permanent address in Denmark can freely search to get changed first name, middle name and surname of a to pay a fee of 500 crowns.

however, There may be certain limitations in the choice of name.

for Example, the family names borne by more than 2000 persons, freely accessible, while you have to have consent, if it is worn by less than 2000 people.


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