It is a new peak of new infections: The Corona location in Sweden, pointed more and more to. The population is dissatisfied.

Sweden reports the highest number of new infections since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic* . The “Swedish way” of the state virologist is Otherwise advised Tegnell in the criticism, confidence in the government disappears. the travel warning the Federal government is likely to remain. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the map of the current case numbers in Germany*.

Update from the 13. June, 10.20 PM: With 1.474 infections within 24 hours Sweden located with respect to the Corona-crisis currently, with the exception of Russia – to the top of the new infections in the whole of Europe. This is from a recent daily report from the 12. June the WHO show.

Compared with other countries in Western Europe have become infected by it on a day in Sweden more people Sars-CoV-2 together, as in Germany, France, Spain and Italy. That it is in the current Figures to a very high increase is shown, particularly, taking into account the number of inhabitants of Sweden, which is around ten million. On the previous day, the number of Neuinfezierten in the country was still in the case of 890 cases , so the trend is rising. Thus, the country is likely to be, in the meantime, a new Corona-Hotspot in Europe.

Our first message from 12. June: Sweden reports a dramatic increase in criticism of exceptionalism grows

Sweden – Hardly bans, only a few recommendations. the Sweden went to the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic the exceptionalism of the state of virologists Anders Tegnell. This “Swedish way” could turn out as an error. The Swedish health authority reported for Thursday, 11. June, 1.474 infections within just 24 hours. A surge .

Coronavirus in Sweden: maximum number of new infections – “the Swedish way” in criticism

The “Swedish way” was, for many critics of the drastic German Lockdown measures the most important Argument, the restrictions may be removed as soon as possible. The country introduced to the eruption Coronavirus* only two real bans. Thus, events with more than 50 people, and old people’s home are prohibited visits. For all other arrangements is just to recommendations .

Sweden Now has to fight with the highest number of new infections are among since the outbreak of the pandemic. Within a day, the Swedish health authority has to report 1.474 people with new infection.

+ with The backing of the Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven in the population wanes. ©Maxim Thore/dpa/picture-alliance

Coronavirus: Sweden expands test capacities for infections with mild symptoms

Nevertheless, they rejected the suggestion. The high number was a “direct consequence of increased testing”. Also with mild symptoms be so in the statistics, have been included. The Expansion of test capabilities, the Harriet Wallberg , medical Professor and test coordinator of the government, had demanded urgently. She told the Swedish channel TV4: “We are still at a high level, in terms of Infected and Dead. The Numbers need to get down. To do this, we need to test wide, and all with symptoms.“

The Problem: wall mount, the office issued after only three weeks, as the daily news reported. Sweden has to complain now 4.814 deaths . More than any of his neighbouring countries .

The infections could also have a direct impact on the USA . Actually, 15 would be on the coming Monday. June, the travel warning should be lifted. But Sweden is not met now pandemic criteria – the number of new infections is about 50 per 100,000 inhabitants within the last seven days.

Sweden’s crisis in the Coronavirus pandemic: support for the government wanes, the population dissatisfied

in the population support diminishes the Swedish government slowly. So, the public broadcaster of Sweden, as early as last week, reported SVT,: “trust in the government and the health authority is broke. The proportion has fallen to those with large or relatively large confidence in the Corona-measures is around 20 percentage points. Reasons for the high number of deaths especially among the Elderly, and a lack of Information about the prevalence of Corona could.“

Support in April, some 63 percent of respondents to the “Swedish way” of the back support , there are currently only about 45 percent, according to SVT . As the daily show reported promised Stefan Löfven , Prime Minister of Sweden, for the summer, a Commission of inquiry should be set with the “Swedish way” to criticism.