“This is the campaign the more strange in modern history, seems to me it is.” Joe Biden announced on Tuesday 30 June, that he would follow “the instructions of the doctor,” and would not be organizing meetings electoral, in the framework of the presidential campaign, because of the pandemic of Covid-19.

Holding up the very heavy toll of american, the new surge cases of coronavirus in the South and West of the country and the exacerbation of deep political divisions, the former vice-chairman of Barack Obama exhilarated the management of the pandemic by the billionaire republican. “The Americans have not made these huge sacrifices these last four months (…) for you to gâchiez all these efforts with your tirades and tweets in the middle of the night,” said Joe Biden, during a speech at a high school in his hometown of Wilmington, in Delaware.

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Joe Biden is well ahead of Donald Trump in the polls

“They have not done so you can ignore the science and make responsible initiatives such as wearing a mask a political position. And they certainly have not done, mr. president, for that you can wash your hands of it and turn their back on this responsibility”, he launched. The pandemic has abruptly upset the american presidential campaign. Confined for long weeks at home, Joe Biden has not held any public release between march 15 and may 25. “This is the campaign the more strange in modern history, to me it seems”, he recognized.

For the moment, it is successful for him : Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by more than nine points in the average of national surveys, but also, crucially, in the key States that make and unmake elections in the United States by switching from one party to the other. “I’m going to follow the instructions of the doctor, not just for me but for the country. And this means that I will not hold meetings,” added this veteran of the political 77 years old.

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An ad risky for Joe Biden

Joe Biden has not said if he spoke of his personal physician or in the opinion of the health authorities more generally. And he has not indicated whether this decision could change in case of improvement of the situation. Risky, this announcement marks a sharp contrast with Donald Trump, he will face at the polls on 3 November. Presented as a token of caution responsible, it could as well reinforce the image that attempts to draw his rival, a candidate is too old, weak, fragile.

at the Age of 74 years, the republican has been heavily criticized for having organized the June 20 meeting back in campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was attended by several thousand people in this Southern State in full outbreak of coronavirus. Having not gathered as much of the world, that he had very publicly hoped for, the event turned into a fiasco. And his team said Tuesday that she did not have a date or venue to advertise for an upcoming meeting at this point. Claiming that he took advantage of the pandemic to “hide” in him, the president mocked regularly of Joe Biden, putting even questioned his mental capacity.

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Biden was “looking forward to compare [his] cognitive abilities with those” Trump

Known for his gaffes, and his outbursts sometimes confused, Joe Biden has wanted to sweep away these accusations of a short sentence : “I am really looking forward to compare my cognitive abilities with” those of Donald Trump. And the democratic party, say that he was also “looking forward” to participate in the three debates scheduled in the fall. Everything is upset in this campaign in the era of the coronavirus, including the traditional conventions that adouberont the candidates of each party at the end of August and bring together ordinary thousands of people.

Joe Biden was also interviewed on the déboulonnage recent statues of confederate generals, who had fought against the abolition of slavery during the american Civil war (1861-1865). Acts which have outraged Donald Trump and his camp. “It is always better to” withdraw “peacefully”, stated the democrat, which is very popular among black voters. But he in the same breath emphasized that the “responsibility” of the remove was a priority for local officials so that the country could “finally” to a step where it “could be the answer to the systemic racism”.

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And he was criticized Donald Trump for his handling of the case of possible premiums russians paid to insurgents to kill american soldiers in Afghanistan. That his rival had not been informed of these allegations by its intelligence services, as affirmed in the White House, or that he had not acted when he knew it, he committed a “breach of duty” of the president.

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