The travel restrictions in the Corona-crisis fall slowly. But now the government wants to extend the travel warning for Non-EU countries until the end of August.

Originally, the galt global travel warning because of the Corona of a pandemic to the 15. June. Vacationers can at least travel to a few European countries again. The Federal government has extended the travel warning for Non-EU countries until the end of August (see entry of 9. June). Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. Also you can find here a variety of current case numbers in Germany, as a card*. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.

Update from 10. June, 12.24 PM: has Once announced the interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, the border controls will be lifted to some neighbouring countries, has now expressed its view Heiko Maas. The Minister of foreign Affairs wishes to adjust the on Wednesday extended a travel warning for countries outside the European Union quickly to changing conditions.

Corona/summer-vacation: Germany extends travel warning – Meuse, but the power of hope

“We are, therefore, the travel warning also before September again and again to the test, always with the safety of the travelers as the Central criterion,” said Maas, on Wednesday. “There – and only there – where the total package of positive pandemic development, a stable health system, consistent security measures for the tourism and reliable and also travel opportunities allow, we can return may indicate earlier from a travel warning to Travel.”

Update from 10. June, 11: 59 p.m.: The border controls in some of the neighbouring countries of the Federal Republic of way to fall back soon. The announced Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer at a press conference. Accordingly, the border controls to France, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark from 15. June abolished.

The free movement of EU was restored, the interior Minister said. Should the deterioration of the Situation”, contrary to expectations, we will consider, in the Cabinet, what we do,” says Seehofer.

The border control to Spain fall only a week later ( 21. June ) path, because the Spaniards also break to their controls. We were there on an equal footing, said Seehofer.

by the Way: While the population is happy about further relaxations for the most part, reported to the RKI on Wednesday for the third day in a row, a worrying R-value.

Corona/summer-vacation: Germany extends travel warning for 160 countries

Update from the 9. June: not be listening to the tourists in Germany, but – at least if you are planning outside the European Union. The Federal government wants to extend the global travel warning for more than 160 countries outside of the EU until the end of August.

However, there should be exemptions for individual countries, if they meet certain criteria, reported the DPA. Before the cruises, the Foreign office and the interior Ministry advises against according to the image even more strongly.

up to now, the worldwide travel was the warning to 15. June. Now it is up to the 31. August extended. From the point of view of the Interior and Ministry of foreign Affairs, a waiver is currently too risky. “It can be with individual countries, agreements will be negotiated to allow this warning to fall”, – quotes the mirror of a government insider.

Coronavirus-crisis: foreign Minister Heiko Maas warns German tourists

+ the foreign Minister, Heiko Maas stressed that infected tourists are not brought to you by the government. ©dpa / Michael Kappeler

first message from 7. June: Berlin – According to foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD), will bring back the Federal government in the summer, no holidaymakers with Coronavirus infections Germany, . “Who infected you in the holiday*, for one, don’t assume that we can bring him back to Germany,” said Maas compared to the picture on Sunday. He added, however, that the German missions abroad in “acute emergencies” would, of course, are always ready to support consular. But he also stressed: “The Federal government will not be able to send again in summer flyer, to the German tourists to bring home.”

Corona-the crisis: a Global travel warning, only to 15. June valid

On Wednesday had announced the Meuse, the global travel warning because of the Coronavirus*pandemic from the age of 15. June suspend – for the time being, however, only for many European countries. “We want to be able to rely on our citizens when they travel, the greatest possible security with a view to the spread of the Virus*”, confirmed the Mass in the Bild newspaper.

the foreign Minister left Open, when the travel warning for countries outside the EU, for Turkey, is repealed. “There are talks with the Turkish government. We will not receive the travel warning on duration , ” said Maas, however, and added: “when it is so far, but from the course of the pandemic* from .” The Maas also announced via his Twitter Account.

Corona-crisis: New travel warnings for breaches of the protection measures planned

Maas announced, in the case of breaches of Corona-protection measures very quickly re-travel warnings against countries for a holiday : “The distance and hygiene rules also apply to the Hotspots. If they are not complied with, can travel to a travel warning point again,“ he said.

by the Way: All the latest developments on the topic of holidays, in spite of the Corona-crisis-read in the appropriate Ticker in*. What are the current relaxations since this Monday (8. June) in the various provinces apply, read also*.

Also interesting: the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has made your holiday plans and pandemic needs. Where you want to spend the free time that you reveal in a TV Interview. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) announces, however, a Corona App.

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