The Corona-crisis is hitting the German economy. Now the application for a temporary injunction against a company for violating a Corona was given instead of the pad.

The Corona-crisis* hits the German economy hard. In the crisis, like many other German companies, the BMW is (see first message of 29. May). The Agency to pay for work published frightening unemployment.

Update from the 8. June: Tchibo GmbH has had a expedited against a provision in the Corona-regulation* to Baden-Württemberg success: The administrative court (VGH) of the Federal land, has declared the local corona-related entry limit in retail invalid. The target size of 20 square meters of retail space per Person in the Store is set that for the time being, except for law enforcement. This is the VGH informed in Mannheim.

The government had argued that it had no binding requirement to limit the number of customers, but only a orientation value . The judges saw it as a violation of the commandment of the determination of standards: legislation would have to be taken that the persons Concerned can understand the legal situation, specifically, and your behavior accordingly.

The coffee roaster Tchibo had claimed compliance with the Benchmark leads to a considerable revenue loss . To loosen CDU and FDP in Landtag , the Ministry of economy and the trade Association had made last week for the restrictions in the retail sector.

Corona-crisis unemployment rate reached a frightening height

Update from the 5. June, 9.32 PM: The Federal government has adopted a 130-billion-Euro economic stimulus package to give the German business start-up. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has been the issues of ARD and ZDF and a dark Corona scenario drawn.

Update from 3. June, 14.50 p.m.: The Berlin airport Tegel is now closed, however temporarily. You expect to pay again with increasing passenger traffic, said Airport CEO Engelbert Lütke Daldrup today, Wednesday, (3. June).

“We will distribute the aviation on both airports,” said the Airport Manager. Currently, there are 17 Connections to and from Berlin. At the end of July it should be back to 100 destinations that can be flown in accordance with its terms.

+ Corona-crisis: The airport Tegel is now closed, however temporarily. (Archive image)©dpa / Tino Schöning

Corona-crisis unemployment rate reached a frightening height, the Federal Agency for work with a gloomy forecast

Update from 3. June, at 10.52 PM: The Corona-crisis in Germany is now the number of unemployed. The unemployment rate climbed in may by 0.3 points to 6.1 percent, said the Federal government Agency for work today, Wednesday, (3. June) with. Compared to April, the unemployment number rose by 169,000 to 2,813 million people.

A look at the past year shows the extent of also: compared to may 2019, the unemployment went to 577.000 people to the top.

The Federal employment Agency is expecting for April because of the Corona-crisis in addition, with six million short-time workers . The reserve of the Federal Agency in the amount of 26 billion euros will not be sufficient to Finance expected, said the Chairman of the Board of the Federal government Agency , Detlef Scheele. The work of failure of the short-time workers spent according to one estimate, an average 50 per cent higher than in earlier crises.

+ of the economy in Germany: unemployment rises due to the Corona-crisis in may (the Icon).©dpa / Georg Wendt

Corona-the crisis: BMW wants to removal fast set – “Previous decisions are not enough”

first message of 29. May:

Munich BMW will accelerate the reduction in the group . Currently, the Board of management negotiated with the works Council about how he and without any redundancies as soon as possible, about 6000 of the world’s total of 126,000 jobs stress can. On Friday, chief financial officer Nicolas Peter is not stated on request: “The decisions taken so far are sufficient to control the BMW Group in the best possible way through this tremendously difficult Situation.” HR Manager Ilka Horst Meier said, in addition to the reduction of overtime and holiday accounts, as well as short-time working “we have no choice but to take further measures”.

Corona-the crisis: BMW wants to achieve savings without layoffs

send Now to examine employees two or three years before the statutory retirement age with a severance package early retirement. The approximately 800 ready to become apprentices to be taken over . However, young employees should be able to study for a degree or a qualification are free to leave with the guarantee to be then again BMW has. Instead of vacation money, more vacation days, 40-hours-contracts to 35 hours to be reduced.

+ BMW wants to reduce because of the Corona-crisis. But this should not happen if possible without layoffs for operational reasons. ©dpa / –

“Our goal is to adopt in June a package ,” said Horst Meier. Normally about 5000 employees leave a year, the car group, half of which goes to pension. A Succession of Points to be checked in each individual case. In the recession fewer employees switch to other companies, than in normal times.

Corona-crisis, BMW is anticipating how other car makers at a loss in current quarter

In the current quarter, the BMW, such as VW and Daimler expects loss . The paragraph is mau, the plants work in One-shift operation. The chief Executive officer of Oliver Zipse had said at the annual General meeting in mid-may: “The forecasts for 2020 are gloomy .” More BMW lock works Council chief Manfred Schoch is no longer compulsory redundancies already. An operating agreement is guaranteed to every employee his or her job – but only as long as the company generates a profit for the year.

in addition to car manufacturers, is also the Lufthansa in the crisis. A planned billion rescue delayed by the government now. The airline has rejected the plea of the government for the time being, due to claims related to the EU-Commission. By the way, BMW calls for public support . For the indignation of the large group a few days ago caused now, however, the distribution of costly dividends to shareholders.

In Germany could wave to pupils after the summer holidays, lessons in homes or halls. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) announces, however, a Corona App.


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