Due to the Corona-onset of the Battle is in Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück stopped. The slaughter had already been on the Wednesday lunch set, now further areas and would shut down, the company said. As long as the production area to remain closed, would have to decide the authorities to the situation. The district administrator of the Kreis Gütersloh, Sven-Georg Adenauer (CDU), said on Wednesday at a press conference, he had the closure.

Tönnies representative: Were Home leaves the trigger?

As the alleged reasons for the many infections, the company called the return of workers to the home to holidays, as well as the cooling in areas of the company. Cooled rooms, transported, apparently, the Transfer of the Virus to many people, so Tönnies representative Gereon Schulze Althoff. Bernd Thissen/dpa

infected Now 657 workers

The number of positive for the Coronavirus-tested staff at the battle of grater engine Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück has risen to 657. A total of 983 test results were available on Wednesday evening, of which 326 are negative, like a speaker of the circle Gütersloh announced. This is only an intermediate state. According to the data of the district administrator Sven-Georg Adenauer (CDU) had led the circle a total of 1050 Coronavirus-Tests for Employees of the company Tönnies.

On Wednesday had become the sudden increase in infection numbers for the main production operation of Germany’s market leaders in the pig slaughter known. Around 7000 people are the details of the circuit, according to the quarantine. The spread of the Virus to stem the closure of schools and daycare centers in the whole of the circle was.

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“We apologize,” said Tönnies spokesperson Andre a lot of cities. You’ve been working “intensively” to keep the Virus is “out of operation”. According to the company, it is not yet clear whether there is one or more foci of infection. The flock would have to have been worn in the past few weeks, in the operation, since the officially prescribed Tests had been in front of three to four weeks for the employees concerned nor negative.

All schools and daycare centers in the district of Gütersloh up to the summer holiday tightly

The district of Gütersloh closes after the outbreak, all schools and day care centers up to the summer holidays. By this step, a spread of the Virus in the population should be avoided, said a spokeswoman for the circle on Wednesday.

The North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of health also announced, to inform the health Committee of the Parliament in detail. On Tuesday the company had yet spoken of 128 positive to the Virus-tested employees and measures says the spread. David Indian song/dpa

In the case of a large-scale Corona-Range tests by the health authorities after an outbreak in a meat factory in the district of Coesfeld in may were found to Tönnies first of all, only a few cases. According to the company, however, was identified in later Tests, a site of infection. Although all the contact persons are as a precautionary measure, been quarantined and sent, gave it to other infections in the pig meat-cutting plant.

district Adenauer showed previously shocked by the abrupt rise: “The company must ramp up its production down as far as it goes,” said the CDU politician of the “Neue westfälische” – this is now done. Now, it is important to look at where the Affected and their children are housed.

By Tönnies-closure 20 percent of the meat production for Germany

missing Due to the closure of the slaughterhouse in the case of Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany, landrat, 20 percent of the meat products are missing according to information from the gütersloh in the German market. This is not a reason for hamster purchases, said Adenauer on Wednesday. “But this is already a significant, high number.” Also, the pig farmers were provided by the stop of the slaughterhouse before the problems, because their pigs are bred so that they had a certain date of the battle of the Mature. The Tönnies group is striving to increase at other locations, the production, in order to compensate for the failures. Reuters/David Indian song/Reuters Clemens Tönnies is wearing a protective mask while he stands in front of a wall with the Logo “Tönnies”.

Minister Laumann: the slaughterhouse workers will be re –

tested To the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the slaughterhouse Tönnies again, a nation-wide Slaughterhouse workforces tested with in-plant contract workers to the Virus. Announced by the NRW health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU), on Wednesday. Then you will know whether it is the outbreak of an exception or not.

The work of protection have looked at in the past few weeks, in addition, 250 collective accommodation of foreign workers. During the agriculture with a few exceptions mostly reasonable, have you encountered with the accommodation of the slaughter industry extremely difficult circumstances.

politicians criticize conditions in the meat industry

in the light of another coronavirus outbreak criticized politicians from the Greens and the SPD, once again, the conditions in the meat industry. “The health of the workers for the profits of the meat barons in the game,” said Green party parliamentary leader Anton Hofreiter. “Where are the cocky announced legal regulations for the better protection of the workers, better living conditions, better Hygiene, and more effective area-wide controls?”

The SPD parliamentary group Vice-Katja Mast, called it “a bad thing, that there is now a massive outbreak”. “It’s about hard-working people, often from poorer Parts of Europe, which are often housed in collective accommodation.” It should not be that “local can be compromised easily by the pandemic herd in the meat industry”.

Laschet on the outbreak: “This has nothing to do with loosening to do”

Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU), told journalists on the question of what is the Corona onset in the case of Tönnies on the previous relaxations in a statement: “This says nothing at all, because Romanians and Bulgarians since entered the country, and since the Virus is coming from. (…) This has nothing to do with loosening, but with the accommodation of people in accommodation and working conditions in factories.”

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