What are the relaxations Corona-measures to be decided today? Chancellor Merkel and the Minister President days.

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Berlin – On Wednesday (17.06.2020) meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Minister presidents of the Länder in Berlin – after many Meetings via Video and telephone conferences for the first Time again, personally. Also discussed the further actions in the fight against Coronavirus* .

the Federal government and the Länder aim to have a limited easing in the contact restrictions and the amount of the bid against the Corona of a pandemic. The citizens should be encouraged to keep the number of your contact persons “as low as possible” – an exact number is not mentioned in the draft resolution for the summit meeting of the Federation and the länder on Wednesday afternoon but. In addition, in the future, the distance requirement of 1.50 meters should be able to “meetings sure well-known people”, even under the steps, it says in the paper that is available to the news Agency AFP.

Markus Söder presents Corona-relaxations for Bayern

The approaches to the easing of the Corona-protection measures in the provinces differently. Bavaria’s Minister-President Markus Söder (CSU) poses in the press conference, his actions. Although he warned in the run-up in front of a patchwork, but it was the Federal state of Bavaria, the dashes in the Wake of the Lockdown with strict rules on.

+ Markus Söder (CSU) declared in a PK, the Corona-relaxed. ©picture alliance/dpa/Peter Kneffel

Known already, that may not take in Bayern , starting this Wednesday in public spaces in groups of up to ten people – so far, such Meetings were limited to members of two households. In private rooms and gardens, there is no numerical limitation any more. Also in the gastronomy, culture and trade, the existing rules are further relaxed.

Corona-relaxations: Outdoor events for up to 200 persons in Bavaria

All of facilities are the responsibility of the people, emphasized Markus Söder on Tuesday. Events such as family celebrations, company parties or school to celebrate with 50 people indoors and 100 people Outdoors allows. Restaurants may 22. June until 23 o’clock open. For the Church of beer consecrate strong – or similar -solid but applies as a prohibition, as in the case of such events, the chains of Infection were not traceable.

relief has been decided by the Cabinet on Tuesday also for the residents of homes for the elderly and facilities for the disabled. There, the visiting hours should be extended, and the circle expanded. In the future, can meet the members back to the rooms to the facilities. The houses should create individual concepts for you to coordinate with the health authorities, it said.

Söder had already announced that the prohibition of large-scale events would be nationwide extended. According to media reports, the event should remain until the end of October, prohibited. (ktho/agencies)

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