First Lady Melania Trump should have negotiated after the election victory of her husband, a new book, according to their marriage contract with U.S. President Donald Trump new. It went to their son, Barron, was called it in on Friday (local time) from the “Washington Post” published excerpts of a book about Melania Trump (50). “They wanted a written proof that Barron would be made in respect of financial possibilities and Inheritance, the three oldest children of Trump more of the same.”

The book of the author Mary Jordan, a Pulitzer prize-winning reporter for the “Washington Post” – in the United States next Tuesday under the title “the nature of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump” (approximately: The art of your Deals: The untold story of Melania Trump) appear. The title alludes to the book “The Art of The Deal” in 1987 by Donald Trump, as a real estate Mogul.

Melania continued to move into the White house as a means of pressure a

Melania Trump have cited as a justification for their belated entry into the White house to Donald trump’s swearing-in in January of 2017, of its intention to the school year of the then ten-year-old son Barron to interrupt, it was said in the “Washington Post” to continue. This was not wrong, but also went to a pressure medium for the renegotiation of the marriage contract. To stay first in New York, cost of a conservative estimate by the New York police Department, according to the 125 000 US dollars per day, in view of the necessary safety precautions for Melania and Barron’s, reported the Washington Post on Saturday.

observers in the White house would have noticed mid-2018, a mood of upturn in the case of Melania Trump, which could have contributed to their willingness that they are fighting for a second term of office of her husband. Jordan reports that the First Lady had, according to three people from Trumps environment at the time the marriage contract to be negotiated to your satisfaction new. The original contract had not been very generous, it was more that the Details of the agreement have been called.

Jordan writes, Melania’ve already had to ensure that Barron have both the citizenship of their country of origin Slovenia as well as in the United States. That’ll put him in the position to work as an adult for the Trump organization in Europe. In the case of the renegotiation of the marriage contract, you have to ensure that Barron will not be excluded from the group. Reuters/Alex Brandon/AP/dpa Melania Trump should have negotiated after the election victory of her husband, Donald Trump copy of your marriage certificate new.

The Trumps as a loner without many friends

The author reported, the impression would that Melania and Donald Trump contrary be. They were both fighters, and valued loyalty above all else. Neither the President – of the this Sunday the 74. Celebrates birthday – the First Lady had a lot of close friends. Your instincts as a loner would be transferred to the marriage. It notes, however, as both would love. Melania Donald Trumps third wife.

From the first marriage with Ivana Trump has Donald Trump three children: Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric. The Sons Donald Jr. and Eric will lead the Trump organization, while Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner adviser in the White house. From the second marriage with Maria Maples daughter Tiffany Trump, who plays a much less prominent role in the public life of the President comes from.

the dispute between Melania and daughter-in-law Invanka

suggested by another on Saturday published excerpts from the book that there have been rivalries between daughter Ivanka and the First Lady. While Melania had still lingered in New York, had Ivanka a place in the East wing of the White house – where, traditionally, the office of the First Lady and their employees – want to back up. One of their proposals was the “First Lady’s Office” in “the First Family’s Office” to rename. This allowed it to Melania.

On the marriage of Melania and Donald Trump is speculated to be in the USA again and again. Donald Trump was accused of in the past, repeated scandals, which he denied, though.

The CNN journalist, Kate Bennett had published at the end of last year, the unauthorized First-Lady-biography “Free, Melania”, in the it was said that Melania and Donald Trump exaggerated how often – in the White house, separate bedrooms. Also, Bennett is not raised but the impression that the marriage will only get appearances. The author wrote, Donald Trump wish for longingly Melanias consent and trust in you.

Bennett also wrote, Melania had a significant influence on the President. “She is the only one that can tell him openly what she thinks.” The author said: “it is Essentially untouchable.” Trump leaves in small steps to the stage and makes for speculation, FOCUS Online/Wochit Trump leaves in small steps to the stage and makes for speculation In the PCP In the