The German government had renamed his name “in a racist way,” in Mehmet, who was a “Synonym for the Turkey and Turkishness,” wrote A. according to his lawyer Burkhard Benecken from Friday. “This state of unjust treatment is instrumentalized by the German state and its media in racist and discriminatory against Turks.” Previously, the “image”newspaper had reported. The Pseudonym “Mehmet” was the 36-Year-old at the time as a youthful offender by the Bavarian authorities for reasons of data protection.

The case Muhlis A. had led to a public debate on the criminal young foreigners, which also caused international attention. Prior to his criminal responsibility, the Munich-born A. had committed to in 1998, more than 60 crimes. According to a further fact, at the age of 14, he was sentenced in 1998 to a year in juvenile detention and deported to Turkey. The deportation stated by the Federal constitutional court in 2002 to be unlawful.

Flea before the start of criminal in Turkey

After his return to Germany was A. convicted in 2005 for assault to 18 months in prison, then fled, but before the start of criminal in Turkey. Several times he tried, since then, re-enter Germany. Meanwhile, A. is in prison for aggravated robbery and deprivation of liberty in Turkey in custody.

Because, according to the lawyer of the legal process Benecken is excluded in the case was A. in the letter, a petition to Erdogan, because he was sentenced according to its own figures wrong. Background: Benecken, the testimony of a witness is by their own admission, had been led in the process as a victim and stated that the allegations against A. invented. Also about the “image”newspaper had reported.

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