A fake police control, 1.1 tons of cocaine from South America to the value of 30 million Euro and an eight-member Team, which is controlled by unknown men behind – with imprisonment of three to ten years, a Coup took place on the Wednesday before the regional court of Hamburg to its preliminary statements, the “movie trains” had, as judge Bernd Steinmetz said. Also, the process itself was a “wholly exceptional procedure”. The Coronavirus had his share.

The men, aged 26 to 51 years, were among others due to Trafficking of narcotic drugs in significant quantities, or aiding and abetting.

connection to Brazil

The recapitulation of the crime before the court begins in October 2018 in the Brazilian city of Santos. There is a Container with gelatin-loaded, the ends up after several stops, finally, in November, in the port city of Hamburg. At the latest, because not only gelatin, but also 1100 pack, with one kilogram of cocaine in the Container. An until today Unknown must have known and controlled via an Internet platform, the location of the container. He or she instructed the eight men, to intercept the cocaine.

you get, among other things, vans, police equipment, tap-proof mobile phones and jammers against GPS tracking. On 8. November 2018 stop the truck to bring the Container to the South of Germany, South of Hamburg on the motorway and pretend to have a Police check. The Plan was, the truck driver, to unload the cocaine and the truck then continues to send.

police smugglers on the track

However, at this time, the police Team is already on the track. Against one of the Parties you have already identified because of the trade in marijuana and had noticed that something Greater is in preparation. With the special forces of the police in a warehouse in Hamburg-Roth burgort, as a part of the now Convicted is just going to unload the goods. The rest of the men that had taken care of the truck driver, arrested a short time later.

On 8. May 2019 began the process. It was tedious and slow, advanced, remembered judge Steinmetz. So, as he knew it from similar processes. At the end of February 2020 you have counted already more than 40 days of trial. But then the Corona of a pandemic, developed in March, a strong momentum. It had been in the room agreed that the procedure can not go on like this would have been more, said Steinmetz. Among other things, due to the high number of Parties and the resulting risk of infection.

Who was behind the Plan, it remained unclear

We have concentrated on the essential facts, and at the end of April on an understanding agreed. This included, among other things, further statements of the accused, but also a generated sentence. In this context also the judgment of Wednesday: Three and a half and three and three quarters years of moves for the two to aid Convicts and ten years for the according to the court, the main person responsible for the fake police operation. He and four other men were sentenced, therefore, also because of an assumption of authority. Who was behind the whole Plan, however, remained unclear. Stelter against Stegner: Top Economist decomposed SPD man at Lanz FOCUS Online/Wochit Stelter against Stegner: Top Economist decomposed SPD man at Lanz