In particular, the search range for the detention of a Syrian on 6. July 2018 led because of the harassment of four women at the lake. The Investigations of the prosecutors pointed to the fact that the personal data of the arrest warrant, thief and those of the Syrian, had been laid two days before the arrest, falsely in the NRW-search file VIVA together.

Because the investigating officers failed, however, the images of the two suspects in a nationwide information System INPOL deduction not corpses, they noticed the obvious difference between the two men: As the Arabs resembled Amed A. so not the dark-skinned thief from Mali. Therefore, the Syrian nationals had to serve two short sentences for acts he had not committed. So far, there was talk of police sloppiness. After intensive Investigations, the public Prosecutor’s office in Kleve, the investigation against those responsible had been hired by seven police officers at the end of October 2019 on suspicion of false imprisonment. Reason: willful misconduct is not detected. The family of the Amed A. has appealed against the decision of complaints and wants the state of NRW compensation sue

refugee Cell death – violent accusation against a police officer

suffers Now a new accusation making the rounds, according to which a crime has been Commissioner of the district police authority of Kleve, the main informed three weeks after the arrest on the likelihood of both persons, and cared not for the immediate release of the Amed A. A scandal in the same special, if this is the case.

As proof, a note from the public Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig, the FOCUS Online is is. A state reported, as amended, a lawyer from a telephone conversation with chief Commissioner Werner Müller (Name) from Kleve, Germany: the Latter edited the display of a woman from the middle of June 2018. The woman had felt in a game hall in the funds since the days of Amed A. followed. Several times he tried to grab and kiss. He had hergestammelt in “crazy in front of”, – stated in the investigation file.

A routine case. The investigation dragged on. Amed A. remained at large until his arrest on the basis of the investigation span a good three weeks later. The news of his arrest went to all of the mugshot sites. However, with the wrong note, that it was the wanted thief from Mali.

On the 27. July, the state reported a lawyer from Braunschweig, in the case of the police officials. You had to get the message, that it would be in the case of the Detainees to their wanted thief from Mali. Against the man on a charge was now. According to the opinion of Müller, said in the phone call to the Prosecutor from the North, that the Suspect is of Arab origin.

Suspicious, the Prosecutor told the investigators that her accused thief from “black Africa” come from. This was confirmed by surveillance cameras. In her Memorandum, the Prosecutor listed the fact that the Person Amed A. “was not identical” with the thief. However, despite this reference to the police officers Amed remained A. falsely in prison and was then a few weeks later to death.

criminal cases against police officers after the death of Amed A.

launched After allegations in recent days, the public Prosecutor’s office Kleve has initiated proceedings on suspicion of false imprisonment against the police officer. So far, he was not on the defendants list in the case.

In the case of the parliamentarians in the Committee of inquiry reigns in sheer horror. In particular, in the case of the Union members. Especially since the red-green Opposition was pure intention of the police officials in the room. Should prove true the suspicion, unit NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) in expository.

by the end of November, the deputies had asked the police officers to Müller. The phone call with the Prosecutor, he had not mentioned this. He was speechless, was a member of the Green Stefan Engstfeld now. “Why was no action from it? You don’t understand.“ Rather, Amed had to spend a. up to the time of his death a further six weeks in the JVA Kleve.

the work of the Commissioner reconstructed

First reply to his question, the 290 pages long ruling of the public Prosecutor’s office in Kleve, the present FOCUS Online delivers. Therefore, the main Commissioner Miller had carried out just on the day of the call, the Prosecutor, a re-investigation query in the System INPOL. First of all, he fed to 10.13 am, the people combination of “Amed 01.01.1992”. There he received as a “result of match” a record of the Syrian in addition to that of the wanted thief from Mali, who appeared also under the alias name Amed A.. Four minutes later, the investigators conducted research in the country, VIVA stock. This Time, he gave the clear name of the thief from Mali and generated the same result. “The result of hit in INPOL and in the Country, VIVA agreed”, so it is already in the final report of the public Prosecutor’s office Kleve, Germany from 31. October 2019.

the criminal-based trackers at the time on the data analysis of the land criminal police office and an investigation file, had a crime created main Commissioner (CHD) Müller, to the case of Amed. a. Whether Müller “has considered the results of his queries in Detail, can not be determined, because this is not logged”, the evaluation.

Finally, Research had shown that the two search register authorities way in advance by a clerk in another police mistakenly led two men Amed A. and Amed G. together. This would at least minimize the suspicion that Miller was deliberately trying to keep the Syrians Amed A. in custody.

a Lot of open questions about the behavior of the police officers

the public Prosecutor’s office decided to interrogate the officials. Consequently, the prosecutors did not know until today, why Müller just on 27. July 2018 a re-search query had been discontinued. Therefore, the former conclusion was in the ruling: “The Background of the individual queries may ultimately, however, there. Because there are no indications exist in favour” that the police officer “has recognized based on the results of the performed queries, that it has acted in the Syrian nationals” and the thief from Mali “to different people, and he made it there,” a release from prison of Amed A. “act”.

the state Would have been lawyers in Kleve at the time of the call, the colleague from Braunschweig in the picture, would you have asked is certainly a policeman, Muller in for questioning. This is now to be rescheduled, even if the Commissioner, as Beschuldigtem a testimony of denial of the right to.

Also the Committee of inquiry will ask questions: Why the chief Commissioner has failed to compare to the mug shots in the INPOL-System? How did he react to the warning of the Prosecutor? And why did he weigh in on the conversation here? Why not as has been said, the Prosecutor still on a release? Questions, questions, the Cell of the Amed A. in the JVA Kleve is still writing more chapters.

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