This one had been much talk in the editorial offices in paris. On February 19, 2020, Paris Match, propels a cover photo of the arrest of Piotr Pavlenski, the artist of Russian origin of the publication of the videos intimate of Benjamin Griveaux, and his consort, Alexandra of Taddeo, who had maintained an intimate correspondence with the candidate LREM to the city hall of Paris.

The photo, although extremely strong visually, shocks. When the young woman is represented standing, the air detached gaze into the distance, her companion is lying on the ground, handcuffed, in clear violation of article 35 ter of the law on the freedom of the press, which prohibits photographers and journalists represent a person who is constrained, under penalty of being sentenced to 15 000 euros fine.

On its website, the magazine drives the point and posts a video of the arrest. An administrative investigation is opened internally by the police, who wondered how the photographer present at the scene has been warned. The author of the leak, a police officer, is identified and passes quickly to the confessions.

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police Custody and searched the home of a police officer

The prosecutor of the Republic Paris dithers but finally, at the beginning of march, to open a preliminary investigation for breach of professional secrecy, concealment of breach of confidentiality and unauthorized dissemination of images of a person hindered. The investigations are entrusted to the general Inspectorate of the national police (IGPN).

According to our information, the police officer to the origin of the leak, according to the brigade tasked with fighting crime (BAC) of the 16th district, was placed Tuesday, June 30, in police custody in the premises of the ox-cores. “The police of the police” is also moved to his home for a search. He is suspected of having delivered information covered by the secrecy of the investigation to a photographer who usually works for a Mimi Merchant, the high priestess of the paparazzi close to the couple Macron. The photographs had been in the wake sold to Paris Match.

The revenge of Mimi Merchant

The case, it is true, does not lack salt. At the time of making public the videos intimate of Benjamin Griveaux, Piotr Pavlenski had justified his gesture by the “peopolisation” of political life. “Piotr Pavlenski affects only the people who make the game of the peopolisation. With that Benjamin Griveaux did with Mimi Merchant [Bestimage had propelled the politician into a Paris Match with his wife, ED.], Piotr Pavlenski considers it [his gait, ED] as legitimate “, had entrusted the Point Juan Branco, author of the pamphlet anti-Macron ” Twilight “, which became the lawyer of the Russian artist.

Mimi Merchant, selling the photograph of the arrest of Piotr Pavlenski to Match, will not have expected the dish to cool before taking revenge…

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