protesters had overthrown in Anti-racism protests in Bristol, the Statue of the slave-dealer Edward Colston on Sunday and applause thrown in the river Avon. The British government condemned the action, again the monument is to be set up but no one. For days there were in great Britain, demonstrations against racism as a reaction to the death of the Black George Floyd in a brutal police operation in the U.S. city of Minneapolis.

More Statue as a precaution, removes

Baden-Powell is controversial: critics accuse him of racism, homophobia, as well as Connections to the Nazis, while his followers, the achievements of world-wide 54 million members of the scout movement on the count of stress. In Poole around 20 protesters gathered to show their support for Robert Baden-Powell to Express.

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The University of Liverpool wants to rename it after the former Prime Minister William Gladstone called building because of its Connections to the slave trade. And in the Scottish city of Edinburgh is a plaque on a monument of the politician Henry Dundas should explain its Connections to the slave trade.

Nigel Farage draws a provocative comparison

the founder of The Brexit-party, Nigel Farage, compared to the fall of the Colston Statue in Bristol with the actions of the radical Islamic Taliban in 2001 in Afghanistan, ancient statues of Buddha blew up in the air. “What we have seen at the weekend, was the most dreadful example of a rule of the Mobs,” he told ITV.

The radio station LBC ended because of these Statements on Thursday its cooperation with Farage, as the transmitter in the online service Twitter announced.

France and Canada to discuss

Also in other countries, the discussion of controversial statues and street names is in full swing. In the southern French city of Bordeaux, all the streets are named after slave traders should be provided with additional information signs. Bordeaux was France’s second-largest slave port. Between 1672 and 1837, and from there to 150,000 African slaves were brought to the American continent.

In Canada, thousands of people have petitions signed, in which the removal of the Statue of the first Prime Minister John A. Macdonald in Montreal, and the renaming of the Dundas Street in Toronto has been requested. MacDonald’s government is accused of the violent assimilation of the indigenous population of Canada, Dundas had been rejected by the end of slavery and their abolition delayed in the British Empire. Over 30 degrees and tropical nights: Here beware of heat stress PCP on the weekend Over 30 degrees and tropical nights: Here beware of heat stress

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