The image of the injured and frightened dog went through the social media – fortunately for Dory, as they called their Savior. She was exposed to, together with your only two-week-old puppies in an abandoned Church Parking lot, such as “People” reported. The animal protection organization “Paw Angel Animal Rescue” and the dog that saved the life. “I’ve seen the picture and it broke my heart. I called Angel and we went to save the dogs,“ explains Misty Boerger, one of the rescuers on the inside.

A puppy survived not

Dory, and their babies were able to be salvaged, but she was severely injured, had wounds open cut and was scared. Her puppies were severely weakened, a Young had a Tumor on his neck and had to be euthanized. The eight puppies are now fed together with their mother from a foster family – for you, homes at the Moment is in animal not the place.

In her new family should win, especially Dory back the trust of people and their pups will be reared for further mediation, so that you can eventually be in a loving family.

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