A pregnant dog that suffers from extreme pain by the contractions, is suspended by its owners before a veterinary practice in Derby, England. The poor girl, of the it is assumed that it is a Shih-Tzu cross, is taken in accordance with this tragic case in a tierretung station in Church Broughton, a village to the West of Derby. This Derby Telegraph reported.

Three days of pain

Crowfoots own veterinarians say that the most shocking incident was the worst case of neglect of a dog, you would have seen in your 35 years of experience ever. You say that the bitch had three days in so much pain, because you tried to bring your puppy to the world.

The dog is wearing no collar and was not chipped, says a spokesman for the animal Board. That is why the vets don’t know much about the Background of the dog. Fortunately, the vets are called Crowfoot Kennels and decide to help. You give the dog painkillers and try by means of Tests to find out what is the cause for the severe pain.

puppy is still in the body of the bitch

died in The Tests that one of the puppies died Inside the female and are stuck. The body of the puppy slowly decomposed and poisoned the body of the mother Dog. The female spends two days at the vets, trying to save them. Nevertheless, the mother had died later. Also, two other unborn puppies that she was carrying succumb to the poisoning.

“to have the Days of so much pain to give birth in the attempt, is the worst case of neglect we have of a pregnant dog ever seen,” said a spokesman from Crowfoot to the Derby Telegraph. All the important messages to the Coronavirus in the FOCUS Online Newsletter. Subscribe now.

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