In a Berlin Gymnasium, has presented to Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey former refugees in the festivities of the graduation certificate. Some of them belong to the Best of their peers.

The Berlin Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium have received five years after her escape to Germany, some of the pupils from the secondary school. Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey handed them solemnly to their products. Now you want to medicine or business administration, study .

Berlin – five years Ago, she had to flee from the war , some students who had to suffer this ordeal , your education qualification have done. Some of them include vintage even to the best of your high school diploma. The RBB evening news reported.

Minister of family Affairs Franziska Giffey , presented at a celebratory event, among other things, the Syrian Hazar your testimony. The TV channel she reported of her escape: “As the planes came, everything was bombed. There was no place to Live. I was sitting in a Dinghy with my father and brother.“ Had fled you will eventually come across the Mediterranean, through Greece and Macedonia to Germany.

gone with the family subscription Hwach is a similar way. The son of Ammar had to beat during the escape even some time alone, his family wanted to stay in Turkey, he but to Germany. Only a year later, he had seen his parents in Germany. Now he keeps his baccalaureate in the Hand: 1.1 to be the average is. Now he wants to study medicine .

refugees receive baccalaureate: “Better than I as a native speaker”

Lynn , another straight-a high school graduate, thanked during the event, the teachers of the Albert-Schweitzer-gymnasium in Berlin : you have “the German language from Zero to a good level,” brought. The head of the school, Karin Kullick , showed pride in: “to learn In five years, this academic language, and to make such Super-Abiture: It is terrific, I’m so proud,” she said, visibly moved.

On Twitter the Video has been shared numerous, many users of the social network were impressed by the achievements of the pupils. “Actually rendered in 5 years, without prior knowledge, a better performance, as I, after 18 years as a native speaker! For this, congratulations and my respect, congratulations,“ was, for example, one of the many comments.

Such baccalaureate exams as this year it was never. The cost for the schools was due to the Coronavirus* enormous, so that, for example, in Bavaria, has approximately 35,000 students* were able to her a-levels and dropping.

Seehofer wants to finally bring the EU asylum reform.

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