A farmer from Eurasburg, hanging dead crows on a gallows. Local residents are horrified. Animal rights activists were now vigilante with high damage.

the farmer hang dead crows on a gibbet by the roadside. A neighbor finds the procedure “brutal” and goes to the police. Animal rights activists condemn the action and call them “tasteless”. Unknown remove dead crows farmer complains about 1000 euros expensive damage Even more local stories in our weekly regions-Newsletter for Wolfratshausen or in our App.

Update 8. June: the Unknown practice vigilante justice: Three on a field in the Eurasburg attached crows the police still have to deal with . The determined now because of damage to property: Unknown destroyed the wooden poles and also seed trampled. “We expect the damage caused by Rabenfraß of approximately 1000 euros”, says the farmer concerned Klaus Urban’s . He could muster no sympathy for “the reaction of some fellow citizens, who realize themselves in self-justice”.

+ Three dead crows hung, a farmer in Eurasburg, and to the displeasure of animal rights activists involved.©Stallein

Raven-the gallows in Eurasburg: Dead crows to fresh seed

to prevent that the fresh seed of crow will be eaten, protect Urban had seized as reported to the sensational action, the birds by dead conspecifics to deter. “It is not beautiful to look at,” he admits, “but there is in the organic sector there is relatively little effective ways.”

For a couple of years that the Farmer Corn grows winter feed for his cows. Until four years ago, he had bought the grain from a supplier from Munich, because of the maize shortage in the Bio, however, tried to cultivate. However as soon as the seed had risen, had the ravens pulled 70 percent of the plants out, and the grain abgepickt. “Economically it was a disaster,” says Urban.

Raven-the gallows in Eurasburg: organic farmer has no other way

Therefore, he had to the Rabenfraß curb, looking around, sees. Without Success. “There is actually nothing against the ravens” that he had to hear. Unlike in conventional farming, the organic could be used for agriculture is not reduced to chemically treated seed and-Ate–.

The attempt to put the grains deeper in the earth, so that they cannot be so easily drawn out, was also unsuccessful. From another “natural” method, the so-called diversionary feeding with slaughterhouse waste at the edge of the Field he had apart. “It’s going to start to stink.”

Try with the scarecrows, and in the Wind fluttering CDs had failed. Also organic farming Association with him and can only give the tip: “take a dead Raven.” In the previous year he had tried out for the first Time. Even then, there was a display. The police investigated and came to the result: “Everything is correct. He has done nothing wrong“. The dead ravens had been shot during the hunting season in the Winter and frozen.

the farmer is aware of the fact: “it is not nice and looks really macabre from”

“That’s not nice and looks really macabre,” is the Farmer aware of that, what is the effect of its action on parts of the Public. That’s why he got the ravens this year, the three dead, after he had previously informed the police only on Monday night, assembled “in the middle of the field, as far away from the route”. The field is located close to a frequently by walkers and cyclists shared path.

14 days, the ravens would have to depend. “Then the plants are high would be about 15 centimeters and could not be so easily drawn out,” explains Urban. This is now obsolete. Unknown cracks a rod out of the box, a second they broke off, from the third, the Raven was separated.

next year, Urban will grow on the field, no Corn. For the seed to other areas he can hope to vegetable Oils. “It seems recently to be something that can be used to wet the grains of maize,” says farmer. Whether the acting was questionable. But a Trouble as this year, he doesn’t even need. “I’m not keen on it.”

initial message: animal rights activists stunned: a farmer hanging dead crows on the gallows – neighbor id go to the police

Original article from the 3. June: Eurasburg –The man is indignant. “Three gallows-like wood on the field grace are linkages in the medieval three deaths crows brutal up been linked,” said the Eurasburger not want to read his name in the newspaper, in an E-Mail to the editor. “I find such treatment of animals, yet one of many in the natural Recovery used way is totally unacceptable,” the power of the family father and his displeasure of air.

The suspended Raven fellows from the fields to keep the crows remote

The “gallows” where the dead birds dangle, close to a dirt road, the brisk of walkers and cyclists will be frequented. With the dead crow’s eye should be discouraged from living conspecifics, to pick the fresh seed from the earth. This confirms the district office on request: “farmers are trying to use this method, the Raven crows to fend off, the make to create the seeding in foil or Packed silage bales, pecking and could damage it.” According to the police Wolfratshausen the action, the effect on some viewers disturbing, it had been announced, of the Eurasburger farmer a few days before.

In Switzerland, it is also possible to proceed so.

animal rights activists are appalled by the action of the farmer

About meaning and purpose have farmers and bird guards , however contrary views. “We reject this practice, of course,” stresses Sabine tappertz hofen from the country Confederation for the protection of birds (TCAS). “Even if the crows are not an endangered species, you are allowed to kill animals without a compelling reason. You hang dead, is tasteless,“ says the Director of the Wolfratshauser TCA office.

farmer has to resort to the crows rightfully shot down

“There are still farmers , the martial means. A beautiful sight this is,“ says Dr. Manfred Fleischer. The crows should have been shot in the last few weeks, there would be a series of violations. “From my point of view this is a breach of the hunting act and a violation time. To clarify it,“ said the Chairman of the animal protection Association Wolfratshausen–Geretsried and the surrounding area. According to information from the district office of the land, a farmer shot the crow in the previous year (in the period from 16. July to 14. March this is allowed), then frozen and in the spring of hung. “Thus, this is also not a violation of the right to hunt ,” according to authorities spokeswoman Sabine Schmid.

crow’s defense is also different.

According to police, an “ecologically correct action”

Yet perhaps more Trouble is the farmer into the house. “This is an environmentally correct action,” says Steffen Frühauf, Vice-chief of the police inspection Wolfratshausen . “But after a local resident to officially report it has been, we will check, whether it’s in any way a criminal Act has occurred.”

the beginning of the year, the police found a tethered cat in a sports bag. The animal abusers have been caught. Animal abusers from Austria and have a small cat as a football, miss, have yet to be determined. In Ebersberg has been shown recently, a farmer from the animal welfare organization PETA, because he is a cow, hard to miss.