and on a whole series of further relaxations of the coalition Committee of CSU and the Free voters agreed late on Monday evening in Munich, as the German press Agency learned from participants circles.

After three months to be completed, therefore, also in the case of a disaster. These had had to call the state government in mid-March, in order to secure in the fight against the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, control -, and intervention opportunities.

Formally, to be decided on all the steps at a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday. The Prime Minister, Markus Söder, state office chief Florian Herrmann and economy Minister Hubert Aiwanger want to then inform you on the Details. The mask of duty, however, should not be shaken, it said.

in Trouble with Minister of economy Aiwanger

CSU and the Free voters after several hours of discussion on Monday evening were to the Content of a line. the strong ill-feeling caused at the end of to the matching accounts of participants agree, however, Söders Vice Minister of economic Affairs Aiwanger – because of the on time to the coalition Committee and Cabinet meeting published Interviews in the “middle Bavarian newspaper”. In the Interview Aiwanger complained of a breach of trust in the coalition and “targeted nastiness of the CSU, with the goal to damage me”. “For me, this is a certain breach of trust. The poisons the climate,” said Aiwanger, had pulled out because of an expensive purchase, among other things, 90,000 mops criticism and ridicule and, also, due to sluggish Corona emergency aid had to explain. dpa/Peter Kneffel/dpa Hubert Aiwanger (Free voters) speaks to the press.

according to reports, it was also Söder himself, brought up in the meeting of the coalition Committee his displeasure over the Interview to the expression. But also for other participants of the meeting, the content and timing of Statements on lack of understanding, be encountered, it said.

Because of the sharp decline of the number of Bayern fans for some time now, its initially very strict Anti-Corona measures. Again, the presence of teaching in schools begins now for the last student in the free state. Wild Topless Party with Zverev: Tennis Stars whistle on Corona-rules, FOCUS Online/Wochit Wild Topless Party with Zverev: Tennis Stars whistle on Corona-rules