Miriam Denzin’s like every Morning with your dog in Ingolstadt, a town in upper Bavaria, walking, as she makes an unusual discovery. “At first I thought it was a Branch,” says the woman. Then it turns out, however, that it is a Spine-tailed lizard, a big Lizard.

you want to make the owner of the animal to locate and post on Facebook: “Missing someone in Etting his bearded dragon? Unfortunately, dead in a hedge discovered!“. The Facebook users are shocked, as a user: “Oh, Gee writes, the poor animal. Looks as if it had to die in agony.“

throat full with straw

In the throat of the animal is to be found a large quantity of straw and the body is deformed. It is unclear whether other animal has tried to implant, or whether someone stuffs the animal and exposed. “If something is already a few days dead, then it swells accordingly,” writes a user on a presumption that the animal has to hang for a longer period of time in the hedge. All the important messages to the Coronavirus in the FOCUS Online Newsletter. Subscribe now.

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