Next to the Black Friday has firmly established itself as the Prime Day Amazon as a popular day of action. But the appointment was corona postponed due to the back.

Next to the Black Friday has established the Prime Day as a popular day of action. However, the Amazon Prime Day in 2020, has been postponed due to the corona crisis to the rear. A new date is soon in sight?

Update from the 25.05.2020: Amazon Prime Day, according to media report, on September moved

A report in the Wall Street Journal, citing an Insider, according to plans to Amazon , the Prime Day 2020 on September to move, as the Portal reported. By moving the date to two months a further strain in the corona of a crisis that is already very busy logistics centers to and delivery networks can be avoided.

Officially announce this new appointment.

Amazon Prime Day in 2020 due to corona crisis

The Amazon Prime Day moved counts as one of the Shopping Highlights of the year. Actually, it was in the year 2019, even two days: From 15. up to the 16. July 2019, have been sold to the retailer, according to more than 175 million products, such as reported.

had to be in this year of bargain marathon corona due to the back shifted. What time is the Amazon Prime Day, because now consumers want to know. In General, the company has announced 14 days in advance , when the bargain days. In the past few years, but this was in the third week of July, the case – of the 13. and 14. July had come, therefore, so, actually out of the question.

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Amazon Prime Day 2020: No new date is announced

But in April, the Reuters news Agency reported that the action was postponed due to the corona crisis to the rear* be – may to mid-August, 2020 , said in a report on The company does not have this confirmed yet final, such as the Portal (Stand: 12. May) also reports.

so It remains exciting, what time is the date of 2020 takes place in the end.

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Amazon Prime Day: Behind the day of action

The Prime Day is one Amazon the most important actions in addition to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday . Alone in 2019, were sales of a total of two billion dollars came about. The shift would have for its consequence that the five million units may not be sold, for example, the assistant Amazon’s Echo Voice, as planned, in July. Also third-party to be affected, since they had increased their stocks in preparation for the Prime Day accordingly.

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Prime Day next to Black Friday is popular with bargain hunters

the Prime Day Amazon wants its customers another advantage. All Prime users will receive in a period of 48 hours, exclusive of special bargain deals. In addition to the Black Friday has established itself in the Prime Day as a very popular day. However, this can take place, as usual, need Amazon ensure that sufficient Goods are available, since they are out of print during the Prime Days anyway very quickly.

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