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Altmaier, tougher penalties for breaches of Corona-rules

want in the face of rising Corona infection Federal economy has made pay to the Minister, Peter Altmaier, for tougher penalties for breaches of Corona rules. “Who endanger others intentionally, you must expect that this has serious consequences for him,” said Altmaier, the German press Agency in Berlin. “We must not endanger the incipient recovery that we experienced a renewed increase in infections.”

The large majority of the population is behaving extraordinarily responsible. “What we are experiencing in the moment, increase in Risk, Essentially goes back to the careless and sometimes irresponsible misconduct of a very small number of people,” said Altmaier. “We need to bind more effectively than in the past and in cases where it comes, therefore, to infections and outbreaks, effective sanction: This includes fines and penalties if there is intent or gross negligence.”

In the countries there are different systems of Fines for violations of Corona rules, for example, if the minimum distance is not adhered to, public transport, no mouth-nose protection is worn, or Corona-“parties” are celebrated.

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